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Hetero couple discovers a very different past life.

Some white man might try to say that I was breaking into his house and the police would back him up all the way. I'm just happy she didn't ask me where I was going. My Mamma knows that I'm different because one time she caught me and a fella that don't live around here no more messin' around in the cellar. But she won't say nothing to my Pa or my sister.

DEBBY/JONATHAN I hear the back door of my store creaking and I run to see my Charles. It's been almost a week since we last got together and I forget my fears long enough to throw my arms around him. I love the way his body feels against mine, his skin and that manly smell that's uniquely his. My brothers say that the coloreds aren't really men, but I can tell you that Charles is all man and I can feel his dick rising up in his pants right now. But I pull away to look at him and he asks me what's wrong. I cry as I tell him about my brothers.

DON/CHARLES I can feel my heart drop down to my guts. I know Jonathan's brothers really hate me already and I'll maybe be one of their targets. I can't let them do anything to Jonathan. I know I should just leave him be from now on, but I can't and he can't leave me be, either. We both had sex with other men before but it was never like what he and me have now.

I see the pain in Jonathan's eyes and the love inside me wells up. I want to make all this go away, even if not for very long. I pull Jonathan back against me and kiss him with all the love in my heart. My dick got soft when Jonathan told me the news but when I feel him near me it stands up straight again. I undo my trousers and put Jonathan's hand on me. I love the way his white skin looks against my black stick, and I get Jonathan out of his trousers and yank on his cock, too.

DEBBY/JONATHAN It feels so good to wank off Charles and have him wank me off, but I'm ready for more now. I get down on my knees and push back his foreskin so I can lick the pre-cum off his piss slit. I've always been kinda jealous of his cock; he has nine inches and mine is only about seven, but he seems to like mine good enough. I take his whole cock down my throat, all the way to the balls, and Charles moans. I bob up and down on his dick and he runs his hands through my hair, telling me how good it feels. Then me and him get down on the floor with our faces in each others' crotches. I feel him sucking my balls and I put my mouth back on his dick.

DON/CHARLES This is pure Heaven. Me and Jonathan are in our own little world and he's the only one I care about having there, anyway. He's sucking me real good but he backs off whenever he knows I need a moment to collect myself. Both me and him want me to put my dick in his ass, but first I need to make my lover cum. After I tease his nuts, I move up. I slowly pull back the foreskin, then tongue his piss slit until he's begging me to suck him. I take him all the way in; I love the way he tastes! My head is going up and down so fast I know I'll have a crick in my neck later! But it's worth it 'cause Jonathan is moaning real loud now and I feel his cock twitch right before it starts spraying. I enjoy the taste of his cum going through my mouth and down my throat. I let him relax for a minute, then it's my turn.

DEBBY/JONATHAN I still can't believe how good sex feels, especially with Charles. I get up on all fours and Charles gets behind me. He leans down and pulls my ass cheeks apart so he can get in there with his tongue and grease me up. Ahhhh, that feels GREAT! I can hear him moaning as he licks my asshole and shoves his tongue in as far as it will go. I'm ready for something bigger and I tell him that.

DON/CHARLES I cry out as my dick slides into Jonathan's ass and disappears all the way. I start out real slow and that makes both of us crazy real fast. We start humping like a couple of farm animals in heat and I can hear my balls slapping Jonathan's ass each time I dive in. He's so damn tight and warm that I can't hold myself in any more.

DEBBY/JONATHAN Charles lets loose and I feel his warm juice fill

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