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A fetish shops adds a kinky window display.

But the rope was long and Katya had plenty left over. The doubled rope was fed beneath Tracy's arms, around and over her left shoulder, behind her neck, down over her right shoulder and back around to her elbow tie. Katya then repeated the move so that plenty of rope snaked around Tracy's shoulders, and then fed the free ends up from her elbows to her neck. She brought the ends of the rope to their final destination back between Tracy's elbows where they were knotted very tightly. Tracy's shoulders were forced back, thrusting her chest out in the process. Tracy pulled with all her might against her new bindings, finding she her arms and legs totally trapped. Her moans now pled with her captors.

"Comfortable?" Val asked with an acid grin. Tracy struggled, feeling more anxious by the minute, but knew it would get her nowhere. To be honest, the ropes didn't really hurt. Katya was good.

"Good," Val went on, "because you work for us today, and we have a very special job for you. Val wheeled over an office chair and plopped Tracy down awkwardly in her bindings. Katya grasped the back of the chair and off they went, rolling through the store with the lingerie-clad Tracy trussed up and helpless.

At first Tracy was quite relieved that the store was still empty. The rain kept pouring outside, driving shoppers away from their lonely plaza. Of course it was a two-way street. Even if Tracy escaped, whether free or hopping through the gale in ropes and dangerously heeled feet, she'd be soaked in chilly water. She'd have to go back for her raincoat...

But these thoughts were quickly wiped from Tracy's mind when she realized that Val and Katya were taking her to the display window at the front of the store. Through the glass, the dominatrix mannequin kept her back turned to them impolitely.

"You see, Miss...we never really got your name, did we? Oh well-we're running a sale today and we need help spreading the word. So your job today will be to show off our merchandise to help draw people into the store." Katya's eyes were gleaming.

Tracy's eyes went wide and she shook her head again violently. Put on display for anyone to see? That was going too far. She'd figured that at the very least, people would have to enter the kinky bondage store to see the tied up woman.

"Relax, you look great!" Val assured her as the two heaved Tracy to her feet. While Val steadied her, Katya slid open the display case and moved the mannequin aside. Beside it she placed a large round block which she then covered with a large black satin sheet. Now it was Tracy's turn.

She twisted and turned as Val and Katya gripped here, but she could do so little in those ropes. Invariably Tracy was heaved into the open window. Katya climbed in with her and placed Tracy on her stomach in the center of the block. She then produced another cream rope and looped it around the cinch between Tracy's elbows. Tracy writhed as the rope fed through her ankle tie and then pulled taut, forcing her knees to bend and making the ropes on her legs tighten dramatically.
Looping the hogtie rope through those on Tracy's shoulders, Katya didn't stop tightening until Tracy was held rigidly in place, her shoulders and legs pulled toward each other. Tracy quickly found that whatever mobility she retained accomplished her nothing. She could writhe and squirm in place but couldn't shift position. She seriously doubted she could even roll onto her side, whatever that would do. Her clawing fingers found ropes but no knots. She didn't even have any idea where to look for them.

Either as an act of mercy toward Tracy, or just to showcase more merchandise, one of the clerks lowered something over Tracy's eyes and tied it behind her head. It wasn't a blindfold or anything, but a decorative mask which covered her forehead to her nose. Tracy could only presume it complemented the mannequin's. Through its eyeholes she started nervously into the rainy parking lot.

Tracy looked to her side as Val repositioned the mannequin.

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