Slave girl learns her place is under the master.

She knows that her tits are one of the things men love about her. The women whom she's slept with seem to like them too. Once he had his fill of them he forced her to open her legs to present her cunt to him. Her pussy juices were dripping out of her cunt as he entered her and began to thrust into her roughly. Messalina loved the feeling of his large cock inside of her. It was the main reason she didn't mind Domitian forcing himself on her. She would always cum on his cock as he took her. This morning was no exception. It felt so good to cum on his cock. She loudly let him know how hot she was for him as he seemed to like that. Then he grabbed her ass and pulled her into him as he shot his seed deep into her.

Favorite sex slave or not, Messalina was now scrubbing the floor with another of the slaves. This young girl was new and Messalina couldn't remember her name. Suddenly she felt rather then heard Domitian's presence behind her. Before she could fully comprehend that he was there he had her by the hair and hauled her to her feet. She let out a small gasp of surprise as he drew her into him with his arm. The young slave girl watched from her hands and knees, fascinated as Messalina's clothes fell to the floor. Domitian began to feel her up, his hands squeezing her ass before starting to finger her. Meanwhile, he kissed her roughly before moving down and suckling her large and beautiful tit. The girl on the floor stopped scrubbing the floor as she watched this couple prepare to have sex right there in the hallway in front of her.

The master had her by her ass and was prepared to pick her up to fuck when he noticed that the other girl had stopped scrubbing the floor. He gave her a look that clearly indicated she was to continue working. The girl hurriedly resumed her scrubbing and tried to ignore the heavy breathing of the man and woman who were in heat and ready to mate. He lifted her up and down onto his cock. Her mouth hung open and she gasped repeatedly as she took his huge cock into her. He pushed her against the wall and began to thrust into her roughly.

The slave girl tried her best to ignore their moans and continue her chores. But eventually she had to see. She had just been brought to Rome as a slave and had never had her virtue violated like Messalina. There was something beautifully fascinating about this muscular legionnaire thrusting his large cock into the dark-skinned woman. She scrubbed the floor absentmindedly as her attention was focused on this couple mating in front of her. Messalina's legs were wrapped around his waist. The sound of him thrusting into her filled the hallway.

Suddenly the slave knocked over the bucket of water. Messalina could see that Domitian was furious. She began clawing at him and making all the groans and gasps that he likes. This girl's only hope for some leniency was Messalina's ability to brighten his disposition before he concludes his business with her. She leaned back and offered her breasts to him to suck on. He dutifully lowered his head and took one of her hard nipples in his mouth. His eyes looked up at her beautiful face as he suckled her tit. Suddenly her face took on the look of pain that every man loves to give to his woman. He would also feel her cunt tighten around her cock as she came. The slave girl, through her fear of what the master will do to her, saw some of Messalina's cum drip to the floor from between her legs.

Domitian's thrusting grew even harder. Messalina continued squeezing her pussy walls on his cock, increasing his pleasure. Hopefully, she'll put him into a good mood and he'll forget about the scared, wretched girl on the floor who knew that she was next. Suddenly his whole body was pushing her against the wall, his hands squeezing her ass as she felt wave upon wave of hot cum inside her. He pulled away from the wall and continued holding her in his arms as he made her accept the last of his seed. Then, without warning, he let her go and she fell roughly to the hard floor.

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