Rob does his mother again.

"Z" next door, Rob masturbated to three more orgasms! He finally fell back asleep.

The next morning Rob went down to breakfast. His mom was up and moving about the kitchen preparing the family's breakfast. Rob closely studied her to see if he could get any hint of what had happened last night. There was none.

Rob was both relieved and disappointed at the same time. He reasoned that this could be an entertaining summer. There was Mrs. Zamora next door, whom he had not even seen yet, but he was sure she wanted some more of his big dick and the possibility that he'd get to do his mother again. After all, hadn't she sucked his dick last night on her own? With these thoughts in his head he ate breakfast and told his mom he was going over to his friend Bill's house.

Part II

A couple of weeks after Rob's mother had slipped into her son's room and sucked him off; she couldn't sleep because she was horny. She slipped down to the kitchen and got one of the cucumbers she was going to use for cooking. She decided she had a much more pressing need for it. She did not own a dildo; in fact she did not even know where to get one.

Mrs. Jones had never felt the need for real deep self gratification before. Usually her masturbation sessions took place with her rubbing her clit for a few minutes and she would cum. However, since she and Anita next door had discovered that they liked to eat each others pussies and Rob's huge dick has entered the picture, she has become a woman possessed by the need to get frequently sexually satisfied, by any means available!

When she got back to her room she prepared the cucumber for use. Mrs. Jones thoroughly washed and dried the object of her passion and got a condom from the night stand. She slipped it over the substitute dick

Mrs. Jones prepared the room for her pleasure. She took all of the bed covers off her bed, except for the silk bottom sheet. She turned the night stand lights both down low, so there was enough light to see well. Mrs. Jones took off all of her night clothes and got onto the king size bed. She propped her head up with a couple of pillows and slipped another one beneath her shapely hips. Her medium sized tits spread out on her chest and her big nipples were standing at attention. She slowly massaged her breasts with both hands. She also alternated stroking her pussy with both hands. Soon her pussy was leaking fluids and she was extremely aroused.

Mrs. Jones picked up her makeshift dildo and slipped it between her legs. She spread her legs as wide as she could. The cucumber she had picked was about seven and a half inches long and a little smaller in diameter than her son Rob's dick. It was close to the size of Rob's dick but not quite as long or as big around as his dick. She was very excited now and her pussy was very wet. It was ready for the invasion that was about to begin.

Mrs. Jones spread her pussy's lips with one hand and slipped the end of the cucumber in with the other hand. She slowly pushed it in as far as it would go. Holding it there for a few minutes, she wanted to savor the feeling of a full pussy. Mrs. Jones had not had anything in her pussy since her husband had left on business several weeks ago. After a few minutes Mrs. Jones started thrusting the fake dildo in and out of her horny pussy. The longer she did this, the more she began to get vocal. Pretty soon she was making a lot of noise.

The ever horny Rob rolled over and when he bumped his nightly erection against the bed it woke him up.

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