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An accommodation is reached.

"I've had dealings with Mackenzie; he's done me a few favours over the years. I wasn't aware he was involved in this otherwise I wouldn't have agreed to this information gathering exercise. You're sure the vampire is dying?"

A mental image of Pietro came to mind and Reasa shuddered, her expression sad. "Nothing will stop that, Louis. I've told them to give him as much blood as he'll accept but the damage has been done. Parts of his skin are already turning black. The Amort is eating him alive. Maybe a complete bleeding would help but the amount of blood required to replenish him would be too great."

"Merde!" Louis spat, his fury escalating and making her shiver.

He classed her as one of his favourites but if her handling of the mission had disappointed him enough he wouldn't be lax at punishing her for her failure. She waited for him to speak again.

"Which one of them was it?" he finally asked.

"Bruce. He hates Pietro. I think he was scared of him. If I'd been here sooner maybe I could have stopped it. But I needed to feed and I was distracted thinking we had more time. I'm sorry, Louis."

"Ce n'est pas important," he said soothingly and she breathed a sigh of relief that he was forgiving her so easily. She'd only once been punished by Louis and a century on could still remember every single detail of it. She never wanted to go through that again.

"Leave the vampire alive and ensure Mac has enough clues to discover his whereabouts quickly. If there is any chance of him being saved Mackenzie will find a way. Have Michael clean up the Bruce problem and then come back to the coven. We're sitting this one out. I don't owe anyone a big enough favour to betray a man who's never done me wrong."

He hung up and Reasa bent forward resting her head on her knees. She felt so relieved she thought she would throw up; only vampires didn't have the need to regurgitate. Louis had handed her a lifeline...more than one.

She didn't need to pronounce a death sentence on Pietro and there was a fragile hope he may still be saved. Louis also didn't view her leadership as being a failure so she had escaped punishment because of this fiasco. And he had pronounced judgement on Bruce.

In this situation it was a decision Reasa would have made herself. Taking a life should never be an easy decision but when it was the right thing to do, it should be carried out.

Which brought her back to the abominations. Louis had ordered them home, had made it plain they would take no further part in any actions taken against the monsters that had been birthed. In her eyes that decision was wrong.

They couldn't be allowed to live. She had meant what she'd said to Pietro. They went against everything which was natural. They weren't meant to exist and she wasn't sure if she could walk away and ignore her conscience on their fate.

If she went against Louis' command he would either order her killed or if he was fond enough of her maybe just throw her out of the coven. If she could reach her targets without harming this Mac person then there was a good chance it would be the latter decision he reached.

Reasa was still trying to work out what she could live with when there was a knock on her bedroom door and she opened it to silently usher the blond vampire into the room. She began tapping out a text message on her phone which she had no intention of sending.

"He drank the bottled blood once both Bruce and I had sipped from each one," Michael informed her. "He managed four before he was too glutted for more. There's some slight improvement, he's a little stronger and the blackness has slowed across his skin. I'm not sure how much time we've bought him though."

"Louis will be pleased with the news," she answered still tapping out her message. "He wants sufficient clues left for Mac to find Pietro while he's still alive. We're to return to the coven, the mission is over."

She handed him the cell phone and let him read what she'd written.

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