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Couple gets wild.

Again as they both left to go out and came back in I noticed both the girls had no neck straps on their bikinis; I probably even noticed their breasts sagging and being more shapely under the wet towel. But it wasn't until all the kids ended up sitting naked by the water's edge last Christmas I realised they too had been bathing naked and the implicit invitation from my brother had been to join them in doing the same; leaving me wondering if he was just being friendly or pimping me for one of his friends.

As my relationship with Greg led me down all these paths I suddenly retrospectively realised there was a whole world of sexuality -- not just of having sex -- that had been going on around me without me even recognising it for what it was.

I was the first one out at the pool area. I pushed the lounges back close together before the others came out to the pool; Greg having to climb over my lounge to get to his allotted centre one. Greg and I often sat out here when we were home alone.

During the Christmas holiday we'd discovered we both quite liked being touched up to a state of very heavy sustained arousal, without that necessarily having to lead to full on sex or a climax. In short neither of us objected to what others might regard as some pretty serious sexual teasing.

This often started as we applied sun screen to each other; brushing the back of our hands against all the places likely to promote arousal in the process. Then as we sat there talking we'd often just sit with a hand in the other's crutch; fingers playing with all the sensitive bits. Usually that would develop into more targeted stimulation, sometimes he'd slide his under the bikini for direct contact. Sometimes if we had the house to ourselves, that would be a prelude to something more; but often not. Greg understood my bikini fetish and how absolutely mind-blowingly enjoyable I found even just that degree of petting.

I'd give Greg a similar treatment in return, our arms crossing as we each lay back on the lounges feeling up the other.

As we settled on the sun lounges this time I handed Greg the sunscreen and with a wink asked him to cream me. Kate just lay there and watched as his hands were all over me; a cross between being touched up and massaged as he applied the cream. Then I asked Kate if she'd like Greg to do it for her too. She was hardly going to say no.

Following my lead, Kate started by lying on her stomach while Greg initially straddled her butt to do her back, pleasuring her skin as he rubbed it in; making a point of having his hands slide just a little under each of the hems of her bikini bottoms as he took the cream right up to the edge, brushing her crutch with the back of his hand as he creamed between her thighs and lifting each strap of her bikini top as he did under those too. Then he asked her to flip over.

Kate closed her eyes and enjoyed it as Greg sat on her crutch to cream up her top surface; starting with her face as he lightly touched over all its skin rubbing a thin covering of cream into an invisible film. Then he worked down her body, once again teasingly sliding fingers under the bikini top triangles, brushing up her nipples as the back of his hand moved across the material of her top while he thoroughly worked around all the exposed breast surface; a much more involved process for Kate than it was for me.
Kate cooed softly as Greg continued down her stomach and moaned a little sigh of pleasure as he worked around her bikini bottoms and crutch area before finishing off along her legs.

I think it was safe to assume it had the same effect on Kate as it has on me.

Kate and I then shared the pleasure of creaming Greg the same way; each of us working the half of his body closest to us. Greg had grown a full boner by the time he'd finished creaming Kate, so all we could do was compound an already pronounced state of arousal by our actions.

Then we each lay back on the lounges as we talked

As we lay there this time I pulled Greg's hand across and placed it on my crutch - an in

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