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Danni's angel returns.

eet other people of the Coalition, those who don't know Free Skyes Common?"

"I get your point," he nodded, "but you do have to be able to speak the language of the planet. So do you have any other questions?"

"Why me," I had to ask, "why not hire a professional to make your client happy."

"Call me cheep," admitted Uncle Paul, "or curious. I want to see how well you know Heredshe, and you're proving it. And I don't use prostitutes to seal a deal, I run an honest operation here. I have security cameras, but I don't blackmail people. But my writers will be taking notes."

"Great," I groaned as I sat down turned on the TV and started popping some chocolates and trying to appear relaxed. "After she and I have sex in the normal fashion, she will need anywhere from a half hour to an hour to gestate, then she will need to fuck me and have a very big orgasm. So if she leaves and goes back to the party, please realize she will come back here. So have your security keep others out okay?"

"Sure thing," agreed Uncle Paul. He paused at the door, "what kind of a look do they call this?"

"What are you doing you lazy slut," I chuckled, "is what I often hear."

Uncle Paul laughed out loud and left the room. It was a very comfortable room, and once alone I took a few moments to snoop about. The closet had a few bath robes, and casual clothing of various sizes and sexes. I guess I could get dressed and let her see or do more to me. On the inside of the closet door was a "weapons rack" of dungeon whips, straps, paddles, and restraints. Bedside end-table contained various lubes, insertables, gages, straps and easy restraints. To say the least it was a well stocked playroom for BDSM activities. There was another door leading to a bathroom. I checked the bathroom closet, towels, and (eek,) adult diapers in both male and female ready. Also a small pile of tidy-whitey plastic pants in various sizes, very well equipped. I got back to my chair and had a sip of coke as the Heredshe woman entered.

"What are you doing here," she snapped. "You some sort of prostitute?"

"I'm hiding out," I said quickly, "I'm also company property. I was a Class 8 Courtesan with the Boom-boom Room but now Uncle Paul's property," I half lied. "Some of his people don't trust my knowledge on Heredshe, so I'd thought I would sneak over here and explain it all. I'm new here."

"So what were you doing so well dressed in the elevator yesterday?"

"I'm also Dianna _________ personal sex-toy," I confessed, "she, Uncle Paul and her husband are my triple owners. The thought I could," had to think that trough, "explain that our education system has gaping holes in it."

"And what about you, prostitute," she half spat in my face as she lifted me out of my chair.

"Terrified," I gasped, "I know you can beat the crap out of me, and seriously injure me long before Security arrives. I'm here for your pleasure." She striped off the robe and grabbed my cock.

"Oh," she smiled, "now that is small by Free Skyes Standards. Did they modify you?"

"No Mistress," I gasped. Heredshe women don't play around, no teasing, she want cock and she goes for it. "I'm from the Protected Planet Earth, this is my original size. Smaller size of average I'm afraid."

"I would have had more fun stripping that suit off of you," she grunted as she pushed me to the bed and stopped to take off her trousers. Her legs were almost as hairy as a man's, wore ankle socks, and spandex boxer/briefs similar to a man. She opened the fly wide and mounted me through the fly.

"It would be more comfortable," I gasped, "if you took your underpants off."

"Shut up bitch," she slapped my face, "do I need to spank you?"

"Oh," I groaned, what a loaded question. "I like being spanked," I confessed. "But if it is..." She flipped me over, took out her belt and whipped me, hard. What a totally stupid thing to say; but then, I hate having my face slapped.

"Nice," she smiles as one arm went about my body with her hand holding on to my cock.

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