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A night of round after round of hot sex.

" She shot me a side glance to be sure I heard her correctly.

I noted instantly that Cindy had used my truncated name. She was signaling us to not blow my cover and trying to avoid a scene where I was suddenly exposed in the casino as a visiting billionaire, business mogul, and casino owner. I shook hands with Tom and invited him to join us at our table. I saw him wave to two other men at another table, and then he sat with us.

He explained, "The three of us were down here from different parts of the U.S. for a casual trip. The dark haired man at that other table is getting married next weekend. Fortunately, they won't mind if I disappear on them for such beautiful company." He gestured to Cindy and Elsa.

Tom was a genuinely nice man. He was a digital media entrepreneur, and seemed to have already made some good money in the field with his own company, including the sale of video games for smart phones. He said enough that I knew he was authentic and not a poser. He politely listened as Elsa and I explained our jobs; I simply said I worked for a large company doing special projects to support strategic investments that required me to travel a lot. He accepted that I was purposefully vague.

About fifteen minutes later, the jazz quartet started to play again. Tom asked me if he could dance with Elsa, and I just gestured to her. She nodded, held her hand up in consent, and off they went. Cindy and I followed to the dance floor.


We spent the next three hours in the lounge at Divi Carina Bay Casino, only we didn't gamble. Tom remained with us the whole time. His friends came over about an hour after we'd met, and he introduced them. One was soon to be a bridegroom, and the trip for the three of them was an upscale bachelor party. Tom's two friends bid us goodbye, explaining that they wanted to go back into the casino and gamble the rest of the night away. Tom told us he wasn't much of a gambler, and neither were the three of us it turned out.

At one point, Mark and I were dancing; he taunted, "So, do you want to be with Tom?" He had a lascivious grin on his face.

I teased back, "If I say yes, then you'll think me a slut. If I say no, I miss my chance to experience a handsome man with no further commitments. If I say yes, I worry that my boyfriend who I love with my deepest being will think less of me, and that'll be the end of our relationship. You decide for me. I don't want to damage what we've already built. I hope you know how I feel about you. Tom would just be an idle curiosity."

Mark smiled, "I think we'll invite Mr. Thomas Power back to the villa. He could provide you and Cindy some entertainment after the two of you have drained me ... or maybe we'll all just get very creative together. As for your worry about slutty behavior, I am savoring the experiences of your deviant deeds like luscious fruit, in this case the fact that you are willing to be open and sexual in your interactions with others.

"Someone told me that slut is spelled S. L. U. T. The S is for sexuality; the L for loving; the U for understanding, and the T for tolerance. Those are all highly desirable traits in the two girls I love - you and your sister. I think men are more naturally that way, but women shut that side of them down, and you don't. I'm glad. We will be the same or stronger after whatever happens." I hoped he really meant what he said. I nodded in agreement, hopeful about how everything would turn out.

Mark and I kissed. When I turned, I couldn't help but notice that Tom and Cindy were also similarly engaged right next to us. Their kisses were as hot or hotter than ours.

I pulled away from Mark slightly, and tapped Cindy on the shoulder. I said, "Switch." Cindy started to dance with Mark, and I snuggled into Tom. He looked surprised. I said, "I want you to kiss me like that too."

Tom came onto me like a true gentleman and lover.

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