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My first week at camp.

And every time she did see him, he would slow down whatever it was he was doing and they would lock onto each other's eyes, her neck straining to maintain the gaze as she ran by until she couldn't turn it any more. And each time she did see him, she would run home, strip naked and rub her pussy to a magnificent climax. After another two months, she found that she hardly ever went to the gym and she canceled her membership.

She always felt a little silly after she masturbated after running. Here she was a woman of 33 years of age and she had a full blown sexual obsession with a stranger. She knew that probably nothing would come of it. But she knew that it was just a healthy fantasy and she enjoyed using that scenario to pleasure herself. She even had a relationship with a man in the next month, but whenever they would have sex, she would close her eyes right before her orgasm, and in her mind she would see a fully uniformed firefighter with Nelson's face.


Vanessa looked at the clock in her car and saw that it read 8:00PM. She had to stay at work to finish up a particularly important presentation for a client. It had been an exhausting day as the demands of the client seemed to change at least three times a day. Today, the client had paid an unexpected visit to the office and she had spent the day trying to appease them. It was a stressful day, but she was glad that it was over. However, she was disappointed because it had gotten dark and she didn't think that she would be able to get her run in. As she pulled her bag out of her trunk she looked over at the running trail and noticed for the first time that it that the path was lighted. She had always run when it was light out and she had never noticed that electric lights lined the path. She smiled, went inside and changed and geared up for her run. It was just what she needed to relax after a hard day.

She felt a little more relaxed when her runner's high hit after about twenty minutes. She was running at a great clip and had already made it to the other side of the lake and was approaching the firehouse. She did her usual routine of searching out for signs of activity, but it was late and she didn't think that she'd be able to see the object of her fantasies. She thought to herself that it was just as well, as it was already late and she didn't know if she had the energy to play with herself when she got home. The firehouse seemed quiet as usual. She could see a few lights on through some windows, but for the most part, there were no signs of life. As she jogged past, she craned her neck one last time to see if anyone was around.

The next few minutes happened all so quickly. With her neck craned, she did not see the small branch that had found its way onto the path. She remembered hopping over it on the way out, but on the way in, her left foot landed on it. Her ankle rolled and she crumbled to the ground in a heap of pain. "Auuughhh FUCK!" she yelled in pain. The pain was intense and she rolled around on the path for a few seconds clutching her ankle. In addition to the pain, she was even more vexed by the fact that she would have to hobble her way home if she had hurt her ankle seriously.

But then she remembered that she had the good fortune of falling near the firehouse, where she could call her neighbors for a ride home. As she turned her body to look towards the firehouse, she saw a figure peek his head outside one of the doors. "Are you OK?" he yelled at her. Using one arm to support her, she used to the other to wave the firefighter over. The rest of his body revealed itself as he walked through the door and towards her. Getting closer, she slowly was able to make more details out. He was wearing a blue shorts, and tight blue t-shirt that clung to his well defined chest. The T-shirt had a few sweat stains near his neck, which caused her to focus on his face.

"Is that.

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