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Next came three quick flashes that sent a delightful shiver through her body and made memory a distant dream.

"I remember standing at attention, ready for my Mistress' command." The blonde's voice had grown husky from excitement, an excitement so palpable Dawn felt it herself. Vaguely, she was sure that there was something else she should be feeling, but it was too much trouble to remember what it was right now.

Another series of flashes consumed all her focus, leaving her thoughts free to wander every which way. Emily's voice kept going, like a beacon in the night, and her mind latched on to it. "No sadness, no guilt, no will. I was so happy, so wet, so eager to obey Mesmeri. You can imagine how it feels, can't you?"

Dawn nodded.

"Because obedience is peace, obedience is pleasure. This truth just won't let go, you can't deny it."

The light commanding all her attention, Dawn was grateful she could trust Emily to steer her thoughts to where they were supposed to go. At least, Emily said she trusted the blonde and Dawn couldn't think of a reason not to. "I can't deny it," Dawn breathed as her heart thumped in lockstep with the pulsing orb.

"That's good."

Dawn mewled at the approval in Emily's voice.

"I'm glad to see you are taking to your lessons so well. That you still know how good it feels to agree with me, to accept my words as your thoughts. It feels good, right?"

"Yessss." The word slithered out of her mouth as her clit buzzed briefly at how much she agreed with Emily's thoughts.

'Excellent,' Dawn's mind continued in Emily's voice. 'Now close your eyes and dream of Mistress. Dream of surrender.'

"Surrender," Dawn mumbled as she descended into sweet dreams.


Dressed in her black-and-white catsuit that covered every part of her, Mesmeri sat on her throne before Dawn. Dawnstar cried out, her bosom heaving as she gasped for breath while her hand circled her clit. She knelt naked before the villainess. Her skin slick and shining from sweat. Mesmeri watched as Dawn debased herself before the regal figure.

'This ... This isn't right. It can't be-ugh-it's not supposed to-oooh-feel sooo good. So close, hmmm, getting close to cumming right in front of Her eyes.'

But nothing happened. The pleasure just built and Dawn couldn't remove her eyes from the woman on the throne, silent, until the desperation reached Dawn's eyes.

She only spoke one word. "Surrender." She said it only once.

'Surrender? Surrender? Surrender,' Dawn's mind kept repeating like a broken record. Stuck on it, obsessed by it as her body now timed its self-pleasuring to coincide with that repetition: 'Surrender. Surrender. Surrender. Surrender.'

A deep moan parted Dawn's lips as the concept consumed her, as it became the answer to her question, to all questions. 'Surrender. Surrender. Surrender.'


To Mesmeri.

"Surrender!" Dawn cried out as her body tensed, surrendering to pleasure completely.

"Surrender" Dawn panted into her pillow as sleep fled before the orgasm meandering through her body.

Her heart still pounding in her chest, Dawn stared in to the dark of her bedroom trying to separate dream and reality. 'Emily came to my room, complaining about nightmares, said she was dreaming about Mesmeri. Dreamt about surrendering to her... Didn't she?'

Looking around, she noticed she was alone in bed now.

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