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A quickie can often be anticipated for years.

ir, were you matching a dress or did you have something else in mind?"

Lisa was already looking at garter belts, nylons, bras, and panties when the saleslady nodded calmly and walked over to Lisa where they spoke for a few moments before she excused herself to talk to her assistant. I remained where I was to start looking at some interesting bras when our salesperson returned and guided Lisa around pointing this and that out to her all the while checking out Lisa's ass and admiring her tits and nipples. She told Lisa that she should put her shoes on and get them broken in so she could feel comfortable when she was trying things on. Lisa took the shoes out of the bag, placed them on the floor and was looking for some support when the woman put her arm around Lisa's waist to help her but also to get very close and I saw her hand resting just under her tit which brought a smile to Lisa. Once the spikes were on Lisa's ass and legs were accented to the max which started a stirring in my cock and a much appreciated smile on our new found friend.

"Do you think my ass is too big for some of these things?"

"Well miss if I do say so myself you look sexy as hell and I'm sure when you get a few of these things selected and worn you'll be even more spectacular."

"Lisa smiled that shy look. "Could you help me out seeing I've never really shopped in a store like this before? I think my husband would like a surprise."

"I would love to assist you and you should really try a few things on so I can judge which looks best. I have a private changing room located on the other side of the store that would work out just nicely."

Lisa continued to play dumb as the woman was stock piling things here and there as I silently disappeared from sight. I didn't have to say anything to Lisa as she was enjoying this on her own and picked up on the invite from this saleslady. Lisa was noticing that this woman was gathering some pretty interesting looking items and her nipples had perked in anticipation of what was ahead.

From my vantage point I noticed that this woman was steeling looks at Lisa tits and almost started drooling when Lisa started out towards the dressing room with her trailing behind checking out her fine ass. They entered a room about 12x12 with a chair, love seat, a couple of open closets, and a pedestal that was positioned in front of 5 mirrors that showed every angle.

"Well miss here we are."

Lisa played innocent and asked where she was going to change.

"Right here is fine. I should be here to answer questions and assist you."

"I've never undressed in front of another woman before. You probably would think my body wasn't built right for these things."

"I'm here to help; not judge people."

Lisa gave her the shy look and little girl attitude as she asked where she should begin.

"Strip everything off including the shoes and we'll go from there."

Lisa took her top off and when she turned she heard the air leave the woman's lungs as she was mesmerized with her tits. She slipped out of the spikes and dropped her skirt leaving her naked in front of this stranger who was looking her up and down stopping at her bald pussy.

"Miss. You have an exquisite body and anything that goes on it will look fabulous! Let's start with some white thigh highs and build on that."

She went over where the pile of clothing had been placed to find the nylons as Lisa starred in the mirror to catch the woman unbuttoning the top three buttons on her blouse.

Lisa could only smile and wonder what was next.

"Here we go miss. Sit down and I'll help you with these. Some times they just don't go on right." She got down on one knee in front of Lisa and rolled it over her foot as Lisa reached down to tug and smooth it out. As she looked down she saw a lot of cleavage and tit being shown which made her heart race a little and gave her some added color. The other one was placed on and as Lisa was tugging them up she felt two hands on her legs slowly smoothing them up to the top of her thighs which made her flush a little.

"Here, put these spikes on and

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