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The flirting begins.

I was convulsing and shuddering as my skull expanded and reshaped itself. A snout grew on my face and fur was starting to pop up all over my body.

This wasn't those quick shifts that the others did.

It was slow and painful. When I finally shifted completely. I was panting and I collapsed onto the ground. I whimpered.

I lay on the ground to catch my breath and then clawed up onto four paws. I shook myself like a dog that just came out of a lake, and stood staring at the pack members.

There faces were one of awe. It was a bit uncomfortable.

I felt a hand on my side and jumped back to face the enemy growling. I stopped at once when I recognized Zach and cowered with my ears laid back.

He forgave me of course, and then patted my head. I licked his hand.

"Holly is now one of us!" He boomed, "Is she accepted as your new Alpha?"

"She is accepted" The pack murmured and bowed one by one, until the whole pack was on their knees.


"The run will begin!" Zach called, "Shift."

With that all the pack members shifted. I watched intently as the pack changed.

I wonder what I look like.

"You are a red wolf Holly." Zach murmured. "The pack has never seen one before. They are supposedly almost as rare as the white wolf, but many people thought they were extinct." He smiled, "You are truly full of surprises."

He sent me a picture of my wolf with the bond.

My fur was redder than my strawberry blonde hair as a human. My belly and chest was white, and so were my paws. They were like little socks, but they only covered the paw and not the arm or leg.

I was breathtaking.

"The run has begun!" Zach called, before shifting.

He nudged me with his snout and I followed him to the edge of the trees.

He howled the start of the run, and plunged into the forest with me by his side.

Rachel's *P.O.V*

Me and Christina were watching the battle from our window. We had probably the best view from above. Our window showed the clearing at the perfect angle to see the fight.

Christina and I were yelling at Holly to "Beat him down" And "Show him how it's done". I sincerely felt like we were watching a football game or a wrestling match. We sat in some chairs with a bowl of popcorn, like we were watching a movie.

"I guess those self-defense classes did pay off!" I told Christina.

"Yeah, good thing she remembers too." She plunged her hand into the bowl of popcorn.

"Oh no! He got her!" I exclaimed. "Oh! Never mind!" I took it back when Zach released her.

"She didn't!" Christina exclaimed, "She actually bit him! Look at the blood on his shoulder! Ha! Nice one!"

The excitement was short-lived though. Because now he was ripping off her clothes, and he started shifting.

"Uh oh." I said spitting out my popcorn into the bowl.

"Hey! Why did you do that?" Christina protested, not noticing the couple.

I pointed at the scene, and she gagged, choking on her popcorn.

"Ewww! I'm leaving!" Christina announced, abruptly shooting up from her seat.

I couldn't help giggling, but I didn't want to watch either.


I let out another sigh.

"UH! Just go to sleep!" Christina mumbled, rolling over in her bed. "Here!" She threw something at my head.

I examined it, "Sleeping pills?"

"Anything to make you go to sleep!" She cried. She grabbed a pillow and plopped it on top of her head.

I walked over to the bathroom and got myself a glass of water. I looked at the pills in my hand and was nervous. Something was telling me not to.

I looked around. The feeling was so strong. I placed the pills by the sink and walked away. I returned to the bed, and I felt a little sleepy.

I sighed and closed my eyes. When I opened them again, I was back on the cloud.

"Julie! Jennifer! I missed you so much!" I exclaimed, spotting their figures.

"No time for pleasantries." Jennifer said abruptly. "The plan has been changed..."


When they told me I was shocked.

"Go now, Rachel!" Julie said urgently. "Do not fail us."

I nodded.

"Failure is not an option." Jennifer muttered darkly.

"You can count on me

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