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Inevitable Comparisons and a History Lesson.

His fingers go to my throbbing clit, rubbing it hard. I yelp in pain, though I also feel the excitement building up. I know that whether or not I want to, I'm going to cum tonight. My thighs spread for him of their own accord, and he sneers at me. "Rape, huh? That's what you want to pretend it is? Your pussy needs it if your mind don't."

Just hearing the words issue from his mouth gets my cunt dripping, clenching, hungry to devour his cock. He puts a finger into me, moving it in and out, using his other hand to push me down. His fingers pinch my breast as he probes me. Then I feel another finger move into me... then another. He plunges three fingers deep inside of me, and I cringe away in pain, screaming. A hand comes across my mouth again, and he slaps me. I quiet as quickly as possible, and his fingers start pushing into me again, fucking me hard. They ram deep into the sticky wet tunnel between my thighs. It excites me as much as it hurts me, and for a moment, my hips buck wildly, craving yet more. I look up to see the bored amusement on his face, and remember that this is rape.

I try to throw him off, fighting both him and myself. He smirks and lays down on me. Softly, I hear him say it against my lips as he lays his body over mine. His hands slide up my sides, over my tits, raises my arms and hands over my head as he says it repeatedly. "Tell me you want it." I fight to deny it, partly because I really don't want this anymore, but partly because I'm afraid he'll stop if I want him to continue.

His teeth nip at my throat, my shoulder, and my breast. Waves of pleasure wash over me, and he begins to bite down harder at my silence. I yelp and struggle to get away, but his teeth clamp around my nipple. They pierce the skin and he sucks the bleeding flesh into his mouth. I struggle for escape and his hand slides back down between my thighs, where I lay exposed by the knee he has planted on the floor. I feel his finger press against my swollen lips, probing in to rub against my slippery clit. As he makes contact, I jerk, my body coming close to a small release. He stops moving and waits for me to calm down before touching me again, his finger sliding deep into me. I feel it building up again, and again, he stops. "Admit that you want it, and I'll give it to you. Or, we can just do this. What do you think?"

With my free arm, I reach out to elbow him, then rake my nails down his face. He jabs his fingers inside of me and against me, and tears spring to my eyes. I howl in pain and try to curl into a ball. I lift part way up, and he slams me back onto the ground. "So, you really, really want me to just take it?" He brings his other knee in between my legs even as I try to squeeze the first one out. As he lifts up to unfasten his jeans, I scramble backward, away from him. He reaches out to catch me, and I kick him in the face. I continue to crawl away from him, turning over to get up as I get out of reach. He fumbles toward me, grabbing my hips and pulling me to him. His pants are halfway down and I can feel the head of his dick bouncing lightly against me as he chases me, both of us slightly hunched over.

I get upright and run only a moment before he does, but his pants slow him down. He stops to strip and I race out of a door towards the front of the house. I fumble with the locks, wondering how on earth he got inside. The chain lock is hard to reach, and as I open the door, he slams it shut. Frustrated, I curse as I spin around kicking. My foot lands solidly into him, but he still manages to grab it as he falls. We both crash to the floor, me on top of him. My head hits the wall. Too dizzy to react quickly, I fail to escape as he grabs my hips, pulling my ass onto his lap. His dick is rock hard, and my gasp is of both fright and arousal.

Grunting, I try to get up, and feel him yank my hair back.

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