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Jim's duties now extend to inside the house as well.


Ryan giggles in turn and says, "Margolis, I'm only telling you once: Cialis is unnecessary to make love with you. But since you don't want it, I won't ask for it".

"I hope you'll keep your word. Ok, it's time to have a shower and have a good night's rest."

It won't be a good night's rest for Ryan: Margolis hasn't brought a nightgown to wear, and her lacy underwear lets Ryan take a good look at her curves -- he even musters the courage to ask, "Margolis ..."

"What's the matter?"

"Can I ask your bra size?"

"The chairwoman has just lost her bet. She thought you would never ask."


"42J. What are you doing with that?"

"Nothing. Just fantasizing."

"Good night."

"Have you ever slept with a man?"

"I'm gender-blind. Actually, I have, but I don't classify people into 'males' and 'females'. What about you?"

"Just with women."

"Have you ever had a long-lasting relationship with them?"

"No. I'm unable to connect with women."

"A short-term relationship? Or just a fling?"

"I've had some. But I'm now despairing to find my soul mate."

"You may find her. But telling everybody that you are so sex-starved that you can't have an erection without Cialis won't help."

"I don't think I could be a good partner or a good parent."

"I don't know. Sorry I can't be more helpful."

"Thanks a lot for listening."

"You're welcome, Ryan."

The cellphone alarm goes off, and Ryan tells Margolis, "I'm sorry, Margolis, but I have an appointment now. I have to dress and then take a cab."

"Do you have to meet a woman?"

"Not really. I'm going to donate semen."


"I'll tell you later. I must be at the sperm bank in time. Take care."

"I lied. My actual bra size is 40K. You can look at it yourself," Margolis says while removing her own bra and handing it over to Ryan, and keeping her tits and nipples in full sight, with hands on hips.

Ryan puts the bra between his eyes and her boobs, avoiding to obstruct his line of sight, barely manages to find the label on the bra back and reads, "Yes, you're a 40K. I wish you were my wife!"

"Go and discharge your duty, private Ryan!" Margolis says, while nearing him, taking the bra from his hands, and rubbing the tits against his arms.

Ryan does just that, and when he comes back, after one of the biggest orgasms in his life, he finds Margolis in bed, but still awake, perusing her mail through an iPad 2.

"Has everything gone OK?" she asks.

"Yes. Thanks for your help," Ryan says while removing all his garments except his boxer shorts.

"You're welcome. You give semen, I'm going to be inseminated as I want to bear a child. I felt bound to help you."

"Ah. Since you're bisexual, why don't you just seek a man?"

"Because I haven't found a man devoid of male-chauvinist crap so far. I can sleep with such a guy, but I won't trust my children to him. Better to raise them alone -- or with a suitable lesbian partner."

"And the main reason I donate semen instead of chasing woman is that I'm afraid I'll be a bad father."

"You might be better than most parents -- you admit you aren't perfect."

"Thanks. Which sperm donor did you choose from the catalog?"

"The one who impressed me most was a man whose body was far from outstanding, but revealed a lot of candor in his audio-interview -- and even took the pains to tell us which women he'd like to take his semen in."

"Semen donors aren't supposed to do that. They should only donate out of kindness, and a truly generous man doesn't mind who's going to profit from his alms."

"You're right, but such a 'kindness' is dehumanizing -- it's as if the man couldn't care less about the mothers his children will have, and he only regarded us as 'wombs'. My donor's fantasizing about the best mom somewhat moved me, and I decided to try him."

"When will you be inseminated?"

"Next week. Aren't you curious to know what has moved me?"

"I think I already know that.

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