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Fellatio and eating out for six in a restaurant.

She started to buck and kick. The short man growled at her and told her if she didn't stay still, he would mess up her pretty face. He then started smelling her. He smelled her hair and her neck. Then he got down on his knees and lifted her skirt. He pulled her panties to the side and placed his nose on her pussy. She could feel his hot, foul breath on it.

The tall man had removed his hand and unfasten her skirt, while the short one pulled it down. They then took off her blouse, and underwear. Kelly was standing there naked, with a single tear running down her face. As the tall man held her arms, the short one began sucking her breast. Kelly was disgusted. He was fat and smelly. She felt one of his few remaining teeth jiggle as he bit her nibbles. He was so dirty. His fat, grimy hands were touching her beautiful porcelain skin.

He then went down and started sucking on her clitoris. She tried not to, but she moaned. Both men began to smile. As the shorter man continued to suck her clit, the taller one came from behind and began to finger her. His finger was huge. It felt like a small penis. Kelly began to cry and asked them to stop. The shorter man told her that her pussy wanted them to keep going. As they continued to lick and finger her simultaneously, Kelly began to moan and move, until she came.

Embarrassed, she began to cry harder. The men did not care. They threw her on a dirty mat. It smelled like urine. Kelly turned around to see both the men undressing. She began to beg them not to rape her. She told them she had lots of money and would give it them if they would just let her go. They just laughed. The short man was much fatter than Kelly had realized. Once he was undressed she realized how huge he really was. He was very hairy. His stomach almost covered his penis completely. Kelly only got a glimpse of what looked like a fat nub.

The other one was not as fat, and his penis was huge. It was standing erect about 10" long and 4" around. The short one came to her and pushed her down and started fingering and eating her pussy like it was dinner time. The taller crouched over Kelly face and shove his mammoth dick in her mouth. His balls were hanging low and touching her nose. They smelled awful. He was pumping her mouth and squeezing her breasts. She could barely breath, but neither seemed to care.

The shorter one pulled his fingers out of Kelly and they were drenched. He told her he knew she liked it. He then licked his fingers and told her her pussy was so sweet. He went back down between her legs and sucked her clit. Even though she was trying to fight it Kelly felt herself getting wetter. She couldn't understand how she was getting turned on by two dirty homeless men.

As they continued to suck her clit and play with her nipples, Kelly felt herself getting into it. She began to suck the taller one harder and pumped the other man's face, until she came again. They pulled her up and turned her over on her knees.

The short one told her, "You always acted like you was too good to even look at me! I always knew you were a cunt whore!"

With that, he lifted his stomach onto her back and shoved his dick in her wet pussy. To her surprise, it was much bigger than it looked. The tall man reached over Kelly and pulled her ass cheeks apart so the short man could get his dick all the way in her. Once he did, he fucked her like a madman. As he rammed in her pussy, Kelly felt his fat balls slapping her, hitting her now engorged clit. She didn't want to, but she felt herself cumming again.

The short man pulled out and had the tall man turn her over. She squatted his fat ass over Kelly and started stroking his dick. He told her he was going to treat her like the whore she was and cum in her face. While he was pumping his cock, the other man came around and without warning, rammed his dick all the way in Kelly. As she opened her mouth to scream, the other man shot off in it instead. Kelly gagged and coughed.

Before she could say anything, the fat pig was leaning over her with h

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