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She eagerly gives him her anal cherry in the shower.

He was lying on his back, regally awaiting my service.

I walked over and crawled on top of him, and explored his granite-like chest with my tiny hands, tracing his chiseled contours. I'd never seen a man like this up close. He was a masterpiece, perfect, powerful, and equine. I wanted to see his cock so badly it hurt. I wanted to touch it, feast on it, impale myself on it, ride it. I wanted to make myself come while on top of him caressing his muscles. I wanted to do all those things, but I didn't now how. I looked at him imploringly. He grinned and stroked my hair affectionately then looked out through the one-way glass.

"Look, show time!" He said, as he sat up and sat me down on his lap.

I turned and saw that another show was about to go on. The curtain rose to reveal what looked like a high tech dungeon, with a four-foot tall chrome-barred cage in the middle of the floor, with a bank of large video screens forming a backdrop. A girl wearing only a collar was kneeling in the cage. She was a young, petite and pretty redhead.

"Master!" She cried, imploringly. "Master! Your slut is waiting for you! Your slut wants you to punish her with your big cock! Please, Master, please use your slut!"
The DJ cued up some trance music and a tall, lithe, dark man in a leather jacket entered stage right. Behind him crawled a naked blonde with big, surgically enhanced breasts. She climbed on top of the cage and the man attached her by the elbows and knees to the chrome countertop by metal cuffs, so that she was facedown on all fours with her ass in the air. He proceeded to flog her and penetrate her with various metallic objects, at one point flipping her over to torture her tits.

I spent most of my time transfixed on a monitor that carried a close-up view of the redhead. Every time the man approached the cage, she would thrust her head through the bars like a hungry bird, trying to take his cock in her mouth. As he worked on the blonde, she would stretch her neck and look up at him beseechingly, begging loudly for his cock. He would then slowly lean in, so she could rub her nose, cheeks, and lips against him. The camera caught the subtlety of communication between the two actors. As she rubbed her face against him, he would glance down giving little signals with his eyes, and she respond, either by slowing down and teasing or by attacking him more aggressively.

Slowly, as he punished the blonde, he began to move in closer and closer, so the redhead was able to swirl her tongue around the head of his cock, and eventually lick down onto the shaft. Every time he gave her a little more of his cock, she thanked him vociferously. There was continuous eye contact back and forth between the two of them, and the looks they shared were often approving, even adoring. He was getting fantastically hard, and she began to take him inside her mouth with deep swallows. I could see her cheeks hollow as she sucked him, and then her tongue dart out, caressing his shaft as she released him.

I watched with rapt attention, and I felt PT get harder and harder underneath me. He started to fondle my tits from behind, and between that and the show I was watching, I started to get really, really wet. I began to rub myself against him.

Onstage, the redhead was deep throating her Master, sucking him for all she was worth, drawing the come out of his heavy balls. The chained blonde was writhing, face-up on the table, with nipple clamps and metal rings squeezing her big tits, as the man thrust a double-headed dildo into her ass and cunt. The redhead got down on all fours, thrusting her ass back toward the man, begging him for his cock. Then she played with herself while he fucked her ass, leaning in to lick the supine blonde's pussy. The redhead came, and as the blonde was starting to have her second orgasm, the man pulled out of the redhead, and she turned around and got back down on her knees so he could jerk off and come on her face.

As the curtain closed I looked up at PT's impassive face, unable to hide the fact that

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