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"Don't worry about it, sweetie, it is perfectly natural to masturbate. If my panties turn you on that much you can borrow them anytime you want just be sure to put them in the hamper when you are finished."

It was beginning to seem like an episode of the "Twilight Zone" as I felt myself blushing again. Stammering I replied, "Thanks Mom, I thought you would yell at me for using your panties to get off while yearning for your body."

The last part came out before I knew what I was saying. Mom stood there contemplating things and smiling replied, "That is flattering to hear that my son finds his old wrinkled mother attractive. Obviously, I can't let you do anything with me as that is taboo; but, I know how boring you find rubbing my feet. Would it be better if on those nights that I need a foot rub I also take off my skirt or pants so you can see me in my panties?"

My cock instantly swelled back up to full hardness as I almost shouted back, "Oh yes mom, in return for seeing you in your panties I would rub your feet all fucking night!"

"Now, remember, you are only allowed to rub my feet and lower legs. Don't go past my knees or do what you did last night or the deal is off." After I nodded yes, to my amazement, Mom unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the floor before gently laying it over a chair.

My eyes were glued to the yellow briefs wrapped around her hips the entire time she was fixing dinner. From time to time she would just look over and smile at me. She knew exactly what I was thinking about. We ate dinner carrying out as normal of a conversation as was possible completely ignoring the sexual overtone that was obviously present.

After dinner I was much more helpful than usual getting things cleaned up so that we could get into the living room. To me the TV was merely noise, just a pretense to show that being in the living room wasn't just about me admiring mom in those yellow panties or her getting a foot rub. I had no earthly idea what was on. All I knew is that this night the foot rub seemed new and exciting. I was very careful to abide by her wishes as I didn't want to spoil a good thing.

Keeping things very platonic I caressed her feet for nearly two hours never even going near her knees. Even when she fell asleep I remained good but my erection never went away. The next evening was pretty much a repeat of the night before with me jacking off in her panties and then the same platonic foot rub. But, our lives would change forever on the very next evening.

IT started out just as the prior two evenings had until I joined mom in the kitchen. First off, she was wearing a form fitting sweater that accented her boobs more than any top I had ever seen her in. But, even more importantly was the panties she had picked to wear that day. These were the same pair I had jacked off into two days earlier with the tiger paw right above her crotch. They were brilliant yellow bikini panties that were one or two sizes too small for her as the material dug into her ass crack and crotch.

My lustful mind was working overtime when she threw me over the deep end. As I watched her saunter around the kitchen she bent over to get a pot out as she had done a few days earlier. The silky material crawled up her sweet crack revealing about half of each of her meaty ass cheeks. I was totally blown away.

She had no more than stood up when I grabbed her around the waist and ground my pelvis against her ass. Quickly my hands reached up and cupped her globes; I wasn't going to be denied, she would be mine. Struggling she pulled away and turned around and slapped my face saying, "That is totally inappropriate; leave your hands off of me."

Her slap stung but something told me to proceed, grabbing an ass cheek in each hand I moved into kiss her saying, "Mom, I have wanted you for a long time, son or no son, I am going to fuck you."

Putting her hands on my chest she pushed against me as my tongue forced its way into her mouth.

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