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Sister-in-law paying her debt with sexual favors.

She put her palm on the head of my cock, closed her fist around it and began to gently squeeze it rhythmically. She was making it very difficult to talk to my mother, but I thought I was doing a fairly decent job of it. After about a minute of this torture, she sat back onto the coffee table, and cutely bit her bottom lip, looking at my cock like she always did, as if seeing it for the first time. She lifted both feet to my cock, put it between her soles and slowly began stroking me back and forth. She shifted position of her feet, putting my cock on the top of one foot, and then stroking the top of my cock with the sole of the other, switched again, putting my cock against my shirt and stroking along the vein with the sole of one foot while the toes of the other foot fondled my balls. I was eager to get off the phone with my mother so I could concentrate on Corinne's marvelous footjob. --Mom was going to be here at six for Kayla's birthday dinner. Yep. Got it. Now shut up so I can blow my load on my wife's sexy feet, --I wanted to tell her. Corinne lifted the foot that was fondling my balls, to my face, and slowly, gently, put her toes to my nose. I breathed in her pungent aroma as she applied more pressure to my cock with her other foot and sped up her stroking. I love it when she makes me cum while I smell her feet. Mom finally ended her conversation, we said good-bye, I hung up the phone and threw it into the couch. Corinne laughed at me as I bucked my hips into her stroking foot, and pressed her other foot into my face, kissing it, smelling it, and licking her salty flavor.

"Does my stallion want my feet to make him cum?" she sweetly asked me.

"Yes!" I snorted like a bull against the foot in my face.

She giggled and asked: "Now? Or later."

I knew what her later meant. Not later as in when the kids are in bed; but later as in she was going to take her time getting me off.

"Later." I snorted into her foot again.

She giggled again: "I was hoping you would say that." She pulled both of her feet away, leaving me kissing and humping air. Reaching out with her right hand, she squeezed hard on the base of my cock stopping the flow of cum about to enter my shaft.

Leaning into me again with her tight grip still at my base, kissing me, softly saying to me: "Settle down big boy(kiss) don't cum yet(kiss) hold it back baby(kiss) breathe deep(kiss) I will take care of you(kiss) but you have to(kiss) settle down and(kiss) not cum(kiss).

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