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Finishing the Ceremony.

I said that we both can use the Rakhi and Sabita as our toys. Ruma was a bit apprehensive that whether they will agree or not. I assured her that they have no other option but to accept this proposal.

So we entered our bed room and found Rakhi and Sabita still standing there naked and crying softly. As soon as we entered they threw themselves at our feet and begged for forgiveness. Ruma made a show of extreme anger and after that proposed that they can only be forgiven if they serve her as slaves too. Rakhi and Sabita looked at each other for a few seconds and then readily agreed to do whatever we want. Without losing a second Ruma stripped and lay on the bed on her back. The hint was more than enough and Rakhi buried her head into Rumas cunt. Sabita was standing motionless, so I guided her to Rumas tits and told her to suck on them. I simply stood there and watched. After some time it was impossible for me to resist so I grabbed Rakhi and started fucking her while she was licking Rumas cunt. Ruma was nearing her orgasm and we came at the same time.

As soon as she came, she pushed away both the slaves and hugged me and kissed me hard and said she want another fuck. Since I just came, I was not hard. So I said if I can torture them I will hard soon. She looked at me questioningly. I put on the collars on both the slaves and attached the leashes. Then handed over one leash to Ruma and told her to walk Sabita to the basement of the house. She asked me what there was in the basement. I said wait and watch.

Once entering the basement she gasped in surprise. It was a fully equipped torture chamber. There were chains, whips, canes, crosses, table and everything lying around. She asked me what I was going to do with them. For answer I made them lie in the middle of the room side by side and hanged them upside down from the legs side by side in such a position that their mouths were at our pubic level. Then I took two canes and handed one to Ruma. She asked me what to do with them. I said her to hit them anywhere she wants. She looked at me quizzically and I picked up my cane and hit Rakhi hard on the tit. She screamed and I hit her again on the cunt. This time the cry was ear piercing. Seeing me do this she did the same to Sabita, but much more lightly and failed to make her scream. I told Ruma to hit harder. She did it again and succeeded to make her cry. We two then get into a rhythm and started hitting them.

Soon I was a bit hard. I then thought of a change of plan. I told Ruma to stop and I also stopped. I approached Rakhi and pushed my semi-hard dick into her mouth. She started sucking on me between sobs and I told Ruma to do the same. So, she went to Sabita and offered her cunt to her. Seeing her mother's example, Sabita immediately started licking Ruma's cunt. Since they were hanging side by, me and Ruma started kissing and fondling each other. Soon we were ready for a fuck. Then my wife did which she had never done in her life. We always had sex in the missionary position that is she lying beneath me and me on her top. But she went straight to a table and bend over that offering me to fuck her doggy style. I was astonished to see that. I understood that the events from the morning had made her too hot and it helped her to shed some of her inhibitions about sex.

I untied them and let them down.

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