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But even during the brutal blows the look of feral wild anger still filled her features and the Knights snarled seeing it only pressing their attacks further until her body was badly bruised all over, blood flowing from some of the impact spots as her skin was broken open. "You ain't so tough when your disgusting demon magic is stripped from you. Things like you are the reason good men and women end up turned into monsters and now we are going to rid the world of your blight then do the same for the rest of you demon scum."

The two knights laughed as they stood over her nearly broken body until the door behind them suddenly slammed open and a tall figure in brightly silver shimmering armor with a red flowing cloak strode in, the knights instantly coming to attention the moment they saw him. His hair was jet black and those cold deadly blue eyes glared down first at the girl then they turned to the men, their backs stiffening even more as the straightened as best they could. "S...Sir Devon! We did not expect to see a Divine Knight here, what can we do for you, Sir?"

"I heard you captured one of the foul creatures here so I came to inspect the situation." His gaze was colder than ice as it peered into their eyes, almost as if looking into their very souls with burning holy purity before once again glancing down at the beaten lesser succubus. Her body showed evidence of her beating, her blood still spilling from her lips arms crossed over her belly but he could still see the damage there as well and his brilliant blue eyes narrowed slightly for a moment. Her own golden eyes moved up to look into his own and Devon expected to see fright within her gaze, but instead he found curiosity within those inhuman eyes then she smiled as her eyes softened looking upon him. That is strange... When demons look into my eyes of judgment they usually cower... but she looks as if I was her salvation not executor...

A boot suddenly crossed her face sending the succubus sprawling back against the ground more blood leaking from her body as she landed hard back against the ground and Devon watched with no emotion crossing his features. She looked up at him again, her slender busted lip still curving slightly into a smile as she gazed upon Devon and even though her arms was now injured weakened from the magic draining her life she still reached towards Devon with desperation. That's when an armored boot slammed down upon her hand, the other knight now standing over her with a drawn sword and a wicked look upon his features more dark than that of a demon. "Damn thing just won't give up trying to seduce us Sir, when we first found it we barely managed to trap it here and then we kept beating on it to force it to expend its demonic energy. It's just about dead, so if you want Sir we can finish it off for you..."

It.... thing.... That is all they see.... They have become blinded by malice... These two have fallen... So sad.... The Holy Order Knight holding his sword over the succubus looked down when he felt something slam into his back and the tip of an enchanted sword emerged through his chest along with a spray of his hot blood. Burning white hot the blade easily sliced through the metal of the Order Knights armor, through his body and bones with ease the blood and flesh touching it sizzling.The other knight stared in disbelief as the Divine Knight Devon pulled his sword free from the corpse of the knight, tossing his limp body to the side then slowly moving towards his next target.

"What in the name of God are you doing? Have you gone crazy!?" The knight pulled his sword free but the next instant his arm was loped off at the elbow and he screamed in pain falling over and curling up holding his stump of arm as blood spilled out over the ground.

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