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Dawn & housemate make some new friends.

We hit the shower once again but just long enough to get clean and again after I utilized the 'device' as I planned to have his cock in my ass again, and again...and again. We found ourselves back in his bed, which he corrected to 'our' bed when he caught me referring to it as 'his'. He gave me a short terry cloth robe to wear which suited me fine. We had coffee in bed watched the television with the sound muted as neither of us wanted to listen to the negativity. Eventually we turned it off and listened to the rain and thunder. We had no music playing just the sound of the rain falling on the leaves outside the window that Johnny had opened earlier while he was watching me sleep.

We had been sitting next to each other holding hands content, having no need to be anywhere decided to just let the day take us. I took it upon myself to crawl between his legs and leaned back against him. His arms were automatically around me. I fell into a light sleep. Thunder woke me from my nap to find Johnny's arms around me still but his lips were kissing my neck and ears and his cock was protruding from under my own fully erect and ready for action. My hand reached up behind his neck and pulled his lips to my neck again as my free hand reached for his cock stroking it. We were not rushed but it didn't take long before we needed more. Pulling away I turned around and sat on his lap with his cock sitting in front of me my hand grasped it as our eyes met. We knew what we wanted. "I want to see your face this time" he said leaning back.

I leaned in and kissed him saying "OK" as our lips met. His hardness pressed against my belly as we kissed. My hand reached for the lubricant and I sat up. Squeezing too much out it spilled out over my hand falling onto his cock, the cold of it making it twitch. I coated every inch of his cock with his lube then I reached for his hand put the lube in it and he lubed my ass. I then straddled his lap again, moved up and over his cock. Kissing him pressed my ass against his tip holding myself there. Breaking the kiss I lifted my body up by pressing my hand into his shoulders and slowly felt his head penetrate my ass again. Even though it had been mere hours since our first time my hole was still resistant to his intrusion. I gasped as I forced his head into me again.

His hands fell to my waist and our eyes met but no words were spoken. Slowly I rocked myself back and forth taking him deeper each time feeling his shaft penetrate and fill me. I went slow because I loved feeling his cock sliding into me. Every so often I'd stop and let my body get used to his being there. At these moments I'd look into his eyes and we'd just watch each other.

As soon as I felt my cheeks touch his skin I sat up straight and let my legs spread wide which forced his cock what felt like several more inches into my ass causing me to gasp in surprise and pleasure. Rocking my head back my mouth opened as once again I became one with Johnny I felt his body merge with mine as our heart beats came into rhythm. The physical sensation was overwhelming as I once again lost my physical identity and became a true universal human being. The urge to bend myself backwards and grind my ass into his pubic bone to take more of his flesh into my body shot through my body like a jolt of electricity.

Looking down at him his mouth was open as were his eyes. He felt our bodies synchronizing. "I've never felt like this before" he said as he fell to the bed arching his spine as if trying to force himself deeper into me. "god, Oh God...Oh my God Rich...Oh god....god.." His face turned up to me again...back still arched. His eyes blazed with lust...love...and a host of unidentifiable emotions neither of us had experienced before.

Again I could feel his pulse as we stared at each other letting our bodies become one.

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