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Jayne was laid on the picnic table naked, 4 men around her.

"I want it to be you. You're my best friend Kelly, I love you."

"I love you too Kris." she hugged her back, kissing her flower-scented golden hair. "I'd love to be your first." She brought her fingers under Kris's chin and raised it, looking deeply into her eyes for a moment and smiling sweetly. She glanced down at her lips, closed her eyes, and give her another soft kiss. "Let's go to my bedroom." She took Kris by the hand and led her. Once inside her bedroom, Kelly went around to her nightstand and brought out a small box. She sat down on the bed with Kris and removed the lid. Inside there were several dildos, long and thick, some with bumps and ridges, some with vibrators built in.

"You've got quite a collection there," Kris said, looking into the box worriedly.

"I think this one would be best." she pulled out a plain and rather small one. Kris nodded. Kelly put it on and tossed the box on the floor and wrapped her arms around Kris again, kissing her neck.

Kris closed her eyes and sighed, rolling her head back. She loved it when Kelly kissed her neck. She could feel Kelly's hard nipples pressing into her skin, and she was sure hers were doing the same. Her hands stroked up and down Kelly's back as they embraced. Kelly gently pushed her onto her back on the pillows, and lowered herself down on top. Kris moaned quietly when Kelly began to suck on one of her nipples. She wished she could suck on Kelly's at the same time but she couldn't reach, so she used both hands to reach down and play with them instead.

As Kelly's tongue swirled around her nipple, her hand drifted down between Kris's legs and lightly stroked her inner thighs. Her fingers trailed through Kris's light bush, almost tickling, being careful not to touch her pussy. She stroked so close, just to the sides of her pussy lips, close enough to feel her warmth and wetness... but she was waiting for it. When Kris spoke up she would be ready. For now she teased and caressed, grazing and just barely missing. She stopped for a moment to slip two fingers easily into her own dripping pussy, and then bring them up to Kris's lips. She licked them clean and Kelly dropped her hand back down between her legs. Her lips pressed against Kris's warm skin, kissing all over from her neck, slowly down to her navel and back up again. Her long auburn hair hung down and dragged lightly over Kris's skin as she went along, teasing her just a little bit more.

Kris began to whimper and gyrate her hips, trying to get Kelly's fingers to go where she wanted them. She could feel her juices dripping down between her legs, and her pussy ached to be touched again.

"Please Kelly," she breathed.

Kelly moved in, supporting herself just over Kris. In this position her strapon hung down and rested lightly against Kris's pussy, making her give a little excited whimper. Kelly began to rock back and forth, rubbing it up and down the length of her dripping slit. The shaft was quickly coated in her slippery juices as it slid up and down between her pussy lips, just grazing her aching opening over and over. Kelly continued to kiss her neck and anywhere her lips could reach.

Kris moaned quietly through smiling lips. Her arms wrapped around Kelly, stroking her shoulders and back as she moved over her. She felt the wet cock slipping over her clit again and again, and began to grind herself against it. Kelly sensed she was ready. She felt for Kris's arms, feeling them down to her hands and took hold of them. Their fingers intertwined.

Kelly changed her angle and positioned her tip against Kris's wet, pink opening.

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