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Part of the crowd.

As I open the back door to get in I am treated with the sexy sight of her lying naked on her back in the moonlight her head propped up against the passenger rear door her legs fully spread showing off her perfectly smooth shaved pussy. She is flashing me that naughty sexy smile again that I love so much, I catch my breath after taking her all in and climb in and remove my shorts again.

She says "I needs some lube." So I reach for the tube on the rear window dash and she says "No, not that kind of lube." So I put it down,Smile and lower my face between her spread legs and give her pussy and ass a serious tongue lashing, again nor lightness or teasing, Just a good hard eating!!! She tastes so good all the time, never musky almost sweet! I can't get enough!!! I eat her pussy and play with her ass a little letting a finger slide into her tight, tight ass, she moans and squirms and grips my finger tightly with her ass.I could do this for hours I love eating her while playing with her sexy bum but I stop eating her pussy and remove my finger from her ass.

I sit up and decide to pick up the pace, I lick and moisten 2 fingers and slide them both into her dripping wet pussy and work them in and out a a good hard pace. Lola likes the aggressive approach. She is not the timid type. Things are building for her, she makes some incredible sounds as I then add and start pounding her pussy hard with a third finger using all the muscle my bicep can offer. Just as I am getting my pinkie finger wet and ready to add it to the other 3 already in her she cums again HARD!!! This time grunting and lunging her upper body up off the seat clenching her legs together firmly around my hand as I continue to slowly pump her with my fingers till she collapses back down into the seat, now she is fully flushed- red in the face, neck and chest and shoulders she's catching her breath and I'm enjoying the sight of this ravishing beauty in front of me while I still very slowly pump my fingers in and out till the aftershocks make her beg me to stop.

Lola then grabs my hand and in the sexiest slow motion movie takes my hand up to her face and swallows all 3 fingers deep in her mouth sucking her juices off of me, I am a deer in headlights at this point she just radiates of pure raw sexiness. She obviously loves the way she tastes just as much as I do as she removes my 3 fingers from her mouth then grabs each one separately and ever so slowly licks them clean one at a time, at this point I taste them as well as we smile at each other and then share a super deep tongue twisting kiss sharing her juices from her mouth and from my face too.

At this point I am grinding on her rubbing my cock on her pussy and as I push into her a little she stops me and asks "where are you putting that?" I take the hint and grab the tube of lube again and rub some on my cock and position myself so I can take aim at her ass with some help from her I enter her so slowly, she tenses up but she still has that sexy smile on her face and we slowly together feed my cock into her ass till I bottom out while she lets out a deep loud moan which at that moment matches my own.

We fuck for awhile till I am almost exhausted from pumping her then she gets me to sit back and relax while she gets up turns around and again swallows my cock whole pumping me at the same time with her hand tasting her own ass "fuck that feels so good." I tell her, she has me fully hard again and gives me another rough passionate mouth watering kiss then hops over onto her knee's with her ass pointed right at me and says " fuck my ass again please."

I get up and with some work ( I am 6'4" and am twisting around in a small space) I get up and behind her and slide into her welcoming ass and continue to fuck her ass fast until I literally can't breath as my head is pushed over from the low roof and my chin is pushing down on my neck cutting off my air.

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