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He knows just what she needs to hear to make her his.


My ears must not have been working correctly. "King?"

Trilla's green eyes dropped to the pavement. "Late king."

"So," I narrowed my eyes and watched her face for signs of a lie, "he's dead."

"Yes, he passed away last week. His will left explicit instructions for you to be found and apprised of his identity and yours. This envelope," she wrestled a manilla envelope from her pile of paperwork, "contains his majesty's will, a diagram of your family tree, and plane tickets to England."

I took the envelope just as someone leaned on their horn behind me. I leaned out of my window to scream at the woman in the red Honda minivan. "Gimme a break, lady! Just go around!" Trilla, un-phased by my outburst continued talking. "We would be so honored if you would come to Ellyrinia."

I gave a tired sigh. "Look, you're dropping some heavy shit on me right now. I'm late for work and I don't have any vacation time saved up to take this trip."

"Quit," Trilla said with a shrug.

I laughed. "Yeah, right."

"I beg you to consider visiting our kingdom," Trilla said tucking her black hair behind her ear.

I gasped. Her ear was pointed just like mine, only much longer and the point was sharper. She had at least five tiny gold hoops along the lobe. I touched my own ear and she smiled. "I'll think about it," I muttered.

"My number is in the envelope!" she called as I put the car in gear and pealed away from her.


I didn't go to work. Instead, I drove back home, well...back to my mother's home where we were living. Sure, I could afford a small condo or apartment for myself and my daughter, but I didn't have to. My mother had insisted that I move back home after I graduated college and let her help me raise my baby. I know I should have insisted on doing it on my own, but the idea of having a baby, and working to support the two of us, and pay off my student loans all alone was too much! Besides, my mama loved me and actually wanted me back home. Why turn down a good thing? Who needs pride when you've got a mama that loves you?

"Deidre?" my mother asked coming into the kitchen where I'd practically collapsed into a chair. I began pulling the papers out of the envelope and laying them out on the table in front of me. "What are you doing home?"

"I have to ask you something," I said, refusing to look at my mother. She sank down into the chair beside me. I could feel the heat of her gaze, but I still couldn't look at her.

"Go head'n ask then," she said, her southern accent drawing it out into one word.

"Was my father from England?"

She sucked in a sharp breath and I finally looked at her. Her dark eyes were perfectly round and beginning to fill with tears.

"Was he?" I repeated.

"Yeah," she breathed.

"Was he a king?" I asked pulling out a thick packet of papers held together by a staple.

"Not when we were together."

I pulled out the final paper which was actually a photograph. A white man with black hair and pointed ears smiled up at me. He had my slender nose and oval-shaped face...well, I had his. His hair was long, obviously past his shoulders. "He was a prince then?"

"Yeah," my mother said leaning forward to look at the photo.

"How in the world did you just up and meet a prince? You've never been out of Georgia!" My mother smiled even as the tears rolled down her face. "I was working at a fancy hotel in Atlanta. I was the hostess in the restaurant. He came through traveling and when he finished his business, he came back to Atlanta just to see me again." I let her take the picture from me. She traced the line of his jaw with a shaky finger. "I fell so hard for him, ya know? I just forgot about everything because I was so happy. Then, we had you and moved back here and I was even happier."

"Then he left," I said harshly. She snapped out of her dreamy haze and glared at me.

"You don't understand; he had to go."

"Maybe he did, mama, but he didn't have to desert us forever without a letter or a phone call."

My mother put her hand on top of mine.

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