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She takes control like he's never experienced before.

Instead, I knelt before her and applied my mouth to her sex. I licked her all the way up from her perineum to her clit, playing with her inner labia on the way and probing the entrance to her vagina with my tongue. Then I began to stimulate her clit head with my tongue and teased the shaft between my fingers.

Cassie began to gasp with pleasure as my tongue and fingers continued their work. I'd rested my forearms on the arms of the chair and she grabbed hold of them, forcing herself back in the chair as if trying to escape from the mounting sensations. Then, suddenly, she threw her head back and her back arched. The gasps became groans, punctuated with sharp exhalations of breath. She certainly wasn't loud; whether that was normal for her or whether she was simply conscious of her husband being upstairs, I don't know. She fell back into the armchair while she recovered her breath. She pushed me away from her sex and cupped it with her own hand, pressing down for a few moments, as if to relieve the acute sensations.
'Oh God, I need you inside me.' She levered herself up off the armchair and onto the floor where she spread herself out on the sheepskin rug. I knelt between her legs and lowered myself down so that my cock was poised to take her. She grasped hold of my cock and drew it the rest of the way towards her, before rubbing it over her slit, up to her clitoris and then back down to her opening. I could feel her wetness spreading over her little lips as she did this. Then she stopped the movement. 'Take me now', she said in a hushed tone.

I pressed forward and sank into her. It was blissful. She was ready, she was wet, and she was open. I went straight in up to the full depth in her. It felt amazing to be surrounded by the soft warmth of her cunt. She gave a little gasp as I entered and another as I reached my full extent. I hadn't felt quite so hard and erect for a long while. It was partly the passion and the urgency of the situation and also, partly, the forbidden nature of our fucking, with her husband asleep just upstairs. I was thankful now that he had drunk so much during the evening.

'Fuck me, I want to feel you take me.'

I began to thrust into her, looking at her face and into her eyes as I did so. I varied the way I penetrated her, slow and gentle mixed with fast and furious, to the full depth contrasting with just a couple of inches to tease her most sensitive parts. She moaned incessantly, gasping at my every thrust. She had screwed her eyes tight shut, as if to focus all her attention on what was happening inside her. Then suddenly, she opened her eyes wide and looked straight at me. She must have sensed that I was reaching my peak.

'Oh God, cum in me, I want to watch you as you cum in me.'

I hardly needed more of an invitation. Another couple of thrusts and I felt my cum surging up through my cock. I sank as deeply as I could into her and felt the spasms as my sperm spurted out of me and into her. She kissed me all over my face and neck.

'Oh thank you, thank you, thank you...'

It seemed strange to hear her utter such heartfelt words of gratitude but I guessed it was the result of being starved of both affection and physical love for a long time. For my part, I too drained and in desperate need of recovering my breath to say anything so I simply put a finger to her lips as if to hush her. I rolled off her and pulled her close to me so that we were lying on our sides, her head rested on my shoulder. I held her tight and kissed her hair.


We stayed like that for a while, enjoying the blissful feelings, before reality had to intrude.

'I'm sorry, I really want to spend the night with you but we're going to have to go to our own rooms now. I don't want Bob to come into my room in the morning and find it empty - or, worse still, you in my bed.' She laughed. 'Breakfast is about 8 o'clock, so I'll see you then. And thank you for what happened just now. It was amazing.'

'If there's another opportunity like this...?' My question tailed off.


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