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It all works out with our friends.

Than she moved closer to daddy and she pushed her pussy against his thigh and rub it up and down. She was smearing her wetness on him and I could see it sort of shining in the pale light of the living room.

"Oh god Mr. Webber, your good. Keep sucking but put your fingers in me now!"

Daddy let one hand drop to her thigh and I think he was putting his fingers up inside her pussy because now she began to make sort of gurgling noises and moan.

She kept repeating over and over, "yes, yes, oh yessssss. My god Mr. Webber. Fuck my pussy with your fingers."

Daddy did this for a couple of minutes and than she began to make noises while sobbing bad words.

"Oh shit, fuck me good........ Mr. Webberrrrrrr ram your fingers deep in my cunt... Oh shit, I'm cumming.... Deeper! Faster!

And suddenly she threw her arms around daddy's neck and hung on as her knees began to buckle.

Than she gasped... "The couch. Let me lie on the couch while you eat me."

Daddy pulled away and helped her to the couch. She lay down with her head on the armrest, put one leg over the back and the other on the floor. Now daddy knelt down on the rug and put his mouth over her pussy. I couldn't see what he was doing but she began to swear and cry out as she pinched and rubbed each of her titties.

"There! Right There! Oh My God that's good."

All the time I watched I was playing with my little clit and was lurching back and forth as I orgasmed over and over. I wanted to scream each time I came, but couldn't. I pressed each foot hard against the wall on either side of the hallway and stuck two fingers deep inside my pussy. It always felt better when I came with something filling me up, but I didn't want to go get my brush so I just used my fingers.

Again Susanne began to writhe and twist, her back arched up and suddenly she threw her head back and squealed words that got lost in her climaxes. Suddenly she stretched her arms out wide as if she were drowning and clutched the couch until her knuckles turned white, than she heaved her hips upward and began to vibrate as if some electric current were coursing thru her body.

Than she collapsed and for one short moment she just screamed.........

"Fuck me I'm a whore! Deeper Mr. Webber, ooooooh god Karl I need it again!" and suddenly she began to beat on the back of daddy's head forcing him to push his face harder into her pussy.........


And almost as quickly as it began she tossed her head back and moaned lowly as she went limp....

Daddy was angry. I could tell because he wasn't being as tender as he usually is. He pulled his face from her pussy and standing up he grabbed her breast and twisted her nipple.

"You damn slut. You want something to remember? Don't ever try to blackmail me. Spread that cunt open and get ready because your going to get what you need and more!"

She just rolled her head back and forth and sobbed. "Fuck me, for god's sake, fuck me Mr. Webber." And than daddy dragged her up and made her kneel on the couch with her arms folded on the back and her head resting on them. I watched him move up to her backside than thrust forward. I could see her body lurch forward as he rammed his cock into her dripping pussy, than draw it back only to ram it back in. Again and again, in and out, in and out and now she began to move her ass back to meet his thrusts.

I could hear his thighs slam against her ass and I watched as she began to respond again. Now her head lifted and she looked back over her shoulder as daddy quickened his thrusting.

"OOOOOOOH FUCK ME!" She cried out.

She was going crazy now. I have never seen a person twisting and turning like that. She was begging and pleading and the room suddenly was filled with a salacious sound as his shaft plunged in and out. Than she tried to straighten up. Her knees were still on the couch but her back went rigid and she lifted up. Still daddy drove his cock in and out.

I was going frantic watching and tormenting my own clit as I watched.

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