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A babysitter is blackmailed by a swinging couple.

With Vicky on the phone I decided to try a last shot and entice Vicky.

"That's great Vicky, I am glad you enjoyed it and I look forward to hearing from them. However, I was really wondering what you and Stacey thought of the idea. As I didn't get much of a chance to talk to you afterwards."

" I am sorry about that Craig, but both Stacey and I really wanted the office to hear what you had to say. We were both rather impressed by you, and er, your comments on real estate advertising when we met last week. I think your performance today will be of huge benefit to us and to be perfectly frank Craig, I think you are wasted on newspaper sales you should be in real estate." "Why thank you Vicky, I take that as a huge compliment"

"Which brings me around to the reason for my call, I was hoping you might join Stacey and the rest of us at our companies awards ceremony tonight at the Sheraton. It'll give you a chance to meet our national director and learn a bit more about us."

"Sure Vicky, I'd love to. What time?"

"Fantastic. 6.30pm, dress is fairly formal. But we also have reservations at Metropolis afterwards if you would like to kick on with us."

"Metropolis, my my Vicky, that's very upmarket of you. Sounds like it'll be a big night."

"Well, if we get what we want out of the evening, a few celebrations will certainly be in order, I'll see you at the Sheraton then."

"I'll be there with bells on, see you soon."

I hung up the phone, and leaned back in my chair feeling quite bit better. I still had a chance for the last minute sale I desperately needed and at the very least I was to go to Metropolis, the newest club in town. Plus Vicky had mentioned "joining the rest of us", which could possibly include Janet. Yes, the night was certainly looking up.

I suddenly heard from behind me "Was that Vicky Parsons?."

I turned around to be greeted by a very sexy smile from my new co worker, Jackie. Jackie was six years my senior at 29, drop dead gorgeous and a confirmed lesbian. The office grapevine had proclaimed her sexual preference within five minutes of her arrival to our office, and it had only taken me a day to broach the subject with her after we both checked out the same girl crossing the street. I enjoyed flirting with her due to the fact I had absolutely no chance.

"Why do you ask?" I asked suspiciously, a little surprised that she would know someone in a new area so quickly.

Jackie laughed, "you have no idea who you are going out with tonight, do you?"

I put two and two together and came up with a hasty conclusion "Your kidding, she's a carpet muncher too."

Jackie returned my jibe with a fabulously outraged stare which was quickly replaced by a flying phone book. I caught the phone book, and raised my hands in peace.

"Let me give you some advice Craig, take plenty of vitamins and protection with you tonight. Vicky, swings on both sides of the tree and she isn't exactly choosy about who shares her branch."

And with those words of wisdom, Jackie sauntered past my desk and out the door.

At 5.00pm I raced home, got changed and arrived on the dot of 6.30pm at the Sheraton. Stacey and Vicky were in the adjoining lounge bar, waving me over. Both were wearing the black office jacket and surprisingly short black skirts for women whom I guessed to be in their late thirties early forties. Vicky was the most striking of the two, with shoulder length blonde hair very large beautiful hazel eyes, and what I would estimate to have been a playboy body ten years ago. She had retained the shapely figure, but had added a couple of kilos to her five foot ten frame over the years.

Stacey on the other hand, was a tit man's dream.

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