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Her car breaks down in the desert on the way to Vegas.

I saw Kim slowly stick her tongue out and Jeanne suck it into her mouth. I was watching my girlfriend french kissing another woman. The two women began moving their hands over each other's bodies, and the moaning slowly started to build in the car.

Finally we got home and every one almost ran to the apartment door. We walked in, and I turned to lock the door, and when I turned back around, the two women were at it again. Their kisses were already passionate, and I was getting turned on. I led the two of them into my room, and shut the door. I led them to my bed, and they continued kissing. I was aroused, but I was extremely content just watching them for the time being. I couldn't believe what Kim was doing, it was almost like I had let this sexual need out of the bag for her. She was totally enjoying herself, and I watched as she threw her head back as Jeanne kissed her on the neck. Jeanne removed Kim's shirt, and my babe's proud breasts jutted out, begging to be touched. I hadn't realized that she hadn't worn a bra and I could tell that Jeanne was happy to be able to suck her nipple right into her mouth. Kim moaned as Jeanne ran her tongue from one nipple to another. Kim's hands were playing with Jeanne's breasts through her shirt, so Jeanne quickly stood up and remover her top and her bra. Now there were two sexy women on my bed, both topless.

All of a sudden, they must have remembered me, as Kim asked me to come over. I happily made my way over, and sat down on the side of the bed, my legs hanging down onto the floor. The two women came and sat down next to me, one on each side. I looked over to Kim, who kissed me passionately. After a couple of seconds, she pulled away, and Jeanne turned my head to face her and I got to kiss her. I felt Kim's hands on my body, and then Jeanne's join hers. I was in heaven, with two gorgeous women with their hands on me. As I was kissing Jeanne, I felt Kim unzipping my slacks. She got on the floor and rapidly pulled them off, leaving me in just my boxers, and my cock was making a tent out of that. I stopped kissing Jeanne to look at Kim, when I was pushed onto the bed. They moved my legs so I was lying down comfortably. My boxers were removed by both of them, each grabbing one side and all of a sudden my cock was out in the open, standing hard and stiff. They both got on either side of me ... Kim putting her hand on my cock, and beginning to stroke it. Jeanne started kissing my belly and I looked down and just saw her head as she kissed my belly button. I laid back and suddenly felt a warm mouth on my cock, and the tightness gave it away as Kim. I looked down again and Jeanne was watching Kim suck my cock, as her head bobbed up and down. Jeanne lifted up one of my legs and stuck her body underneath, letting Kim continue to suck my cock, but allowing herself easy access to my balls. The feeling of Kim's mouth on my cock, licking and sucking and Jeanne's mouth sucking on my balls was intense. They switched places, letting Jeanne taste my cock for the first time, and Kim played with my balls. Kim moved her lips lower, finding my ass hole, and slowly stuck her tongue out and licked me. I jumped and forced my cock even deeper into Jeanne's mouth. I knew I was going to come soon, and warned Jeanne. I was almost disappointed when she pulled me out of her mouth, but was then shocked to see the two women both stick their tongues out waiting for my cum. I couldn't take it anymore and I blew my load. My cum shot out of me and both women battled with their tongues to see who could get more. Finally I couldn't cum anymore and Kim took me into her mouth, not wanting to waste any of the cum that I knew she craved from me. After a couple of seconds, she let me fall out of her mouth and kissed Jeanne. If I hadn't just had an extremely intense orgasm, I might have gotten hard right then and there.

Watching the two gorgeous women share my cum was an incredible sight.

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