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His first time is with the Head Cheerleader.

"Hey babygirl." John typed a greeting as soon as he entered her room in free chat.

"Hey Hombre. How's ur day?"

And thus begins their daily interaction, where he would chat and engage her with light flirtations and waited for her when she had a private session. However today is a little different.

Towards the end of her session, John again entered into private chat with her wanting to spend a few minutes for some one to one talk.

"Hey baby. Looks like u had a good day today."

"It really just ok. Pretty normal actually." Ariana replied.

"Angel do u think we could ever meet in person?" John typed on impulse.

Ariana stared at the question, her smile wavering a little with surprise.

"Do u really want to meet me?"

"Well I would like to just meet you in person." John added quickly "Not for anything but maybe just a cup of coffee. Would that be ok?"

"Why would u want that?" Ariana replied though she felt her heart beat a little faster. "You know why i never meet anyone from here."

"I thought that I would prefer for at least once to chat to a person instead of a computer screen." Was Johns reply.

"Sorry baby. U know my stand."

"But I am missing u pretty bad every time we part. I thought that we could meet just once."

"Baby don't fall for me. We could have time here but nothing further."

"Why?" John asked, a dull ache invaded his chest at Ariana's answer.

"Because it won't end well hombre. It will only leads to lots of suffering for u." Ariana added "I think we should stop here for the night. We'll chat again tmr ok?"

"Ok. Good nite angel." Was John's simple reply.

What Ariana could not see was the hurt in his eyes. John finally realized that the feeling he had for Ariana is deeper than he thought. The pain he felt was that of rejection even though he knew she was right. They are both married to others. It would take a series of painful events for them to have a chance of ever being together.

Ariana still seated in front of her now off computer feeling shocked at the slight disclosure of John's feelings for her. In the past she had came across lots of men professing their undying love for her only to move on when she discouraged them. Only John was different to her. Though it's been only a short time, he had somehow manage to steal his way through the defenses of her heart. She now can clearly see that before every night's show she would feel a certain hope for John to be there in her room. A certain feeling of sadness when its time for them to part. Can it be that she too had fallen for him?

For the next few days, John did not go online to see Ariana. He was so distracted that he nearly forgotten his daughter's birthday if not for his other 2 children reminding him to buy a birthday cake for their younger sibling. He really needed to sort out his feelings. to have a better understanding of what actually happened.

Ariana's heart sunk in disappointment the past few nights whenever she saw that the familiar moniker "Lonelyhubby" was missing from her room. She never thought she would be missing John so bad when he is not around. It affected her mood and for a few days in a row she logged off earlier than normal because she found it harder to fake a smile. After much thought that she can't carry on this way. She had to move on, as much as it would hurt her she decided that its best she took herself out of the equation.

After nearly a week, Ariana wrote a message to John using the site's messaging service. Hoping that he will understand her position better, that what she was going to do would be best for everyone. At the same time John finally decided to face his demons and have a talk with Ariana. When he signed into the site he saw that his message icon was blinking. Upon opening it he saw that its a message from Angeldust.

"Hi John.

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