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Wife falls more under husband's control.

As it got close to 2:00, Paulie put on his security guard jacket and waited by the desk near the east doors. A minute after he sat down, he saw the door open a crack an her beautiful, tanned face poke through. Her big, round eyes looked nervous and he waved her over to the desk. As she walked over he knew she had followed the instructions because her tits wobbled all over the place. Her nipples were stiff under the semi-sheer fabric and Paulie could barely contain himself.

"I am here for the exam. Is Doctor Dong's office nearby?"

"Yes, I'll take you." And at that he got up grabbed her by the elbow and led her down to the old nurse's office.

When they got inside, Don was sitting on his desk, with one leg on the ground looking at a medical chart.

"You must be Lakshmi."

She put out her hand to shake, but Don ignored it and told her to sit down.

The chair they had for her was a tiny stool, maybe a foot high. She lowered herself uncomfortably onto it.

"Ok, so your chart is really incomplete. You did a pretty poor job filling out the necessary paperwork when you came to this school."

"I'm sorry, sir"

"Your son is a freshman here?"

"Yes, Ravi Patel. He is my son."

"And you're married?"

"Yes, sir."

"And let's see my notes. Ah, yes. You are a 34EE, correct?"

"Yes, sir."

"Great. Let's hope you followed my orders and came her without that bra covering those big tits."

"I did. I did follow the order."

"Ok, let's see. Take that sweater off."

She glanced at Paulie, the security guard and said, "Don't we need me privacy?"

"What?" he asked angrily.

"I'm sorry, it's just..."

"Oh, him? He's our security guard. By law he must stay for the exam. You know how this works."

"I do not. I'm sorry. I've never had an exam like this for a school."

At that they both started laughing, making her blush from embarrassment.

"Ok, enough talk about how you don't know much. We can tell that you are a pretty ignorant girl. Just trust us and do what I tell you to do. Stop being difficult."

She said nothing, but felt more pressure than the boys even realized. She grabbed the waist of her sweater and pulled it up and over her huge, round mounds of tit flesh.

"Good girl. Put your hands on your head and lock your fingers."

She timidly complied to their amusement.

"Now, I'm going to examine you. Just sit still."

He reached down and as soon as his fingers grazed her silky soft breast meat his dick sprang to life in his pants. He reached down and felt their warmth. He cupped each breast and thought he might cum right there.

Paulie stared at her, making her uncomfortable but she didn't say anything because she didn't want to be difficult.

"These tits are really heavy. You weren't joking about 34EE."

She heard him but didn't respond.

He pulled his hands off of her huge rack and placed one hand firmly on top of her interlocked fingers. He grabbed them, collecting some of her shiny black hair in the process. He lifted her up by h hair and she winced.

"Does that hurt you?"

"Yes, sir. It hurts when you pull my hair."

"Well, that's how I lead girls around in my office. If you like, I can lead you around and position you another way."

"Ok, yes please."

He then took his hand off of her hair and popped two fingers in her mouth, fish-hooking her cheek. He lifted her head up by the mouth and she felt like she made a bad decision but she was too timid to complain twice.

He started walking over to the exam table with his fingers hooked firmly in her warm mouth. He held her head low as he walked so she trailed behind, bent at the waist. He took her to the table and placed her face on the edge and pulled his fingers out, holding her head still against the table.

"Is that better? Leading you by your mouth?" he said in a caring tone.

She wanted to say what she though, that the fingers in her mouth made her uncomfortable, but she kept quiet while thinking of what to say.

He put one hand on her head, keeping her in place, and reached under to lay with her dangling boobs.

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