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Rinku gets pimped by her husband (Hindi & English Story).

The air hostess just shook her head. She did not say anything but it was clear she was flabbergasted that a mature adult could allow herself to be dominated in such a manner.

"Open your legs," she instructed, obviously wanting to test the boundaries of how far I would go.

Deeply embarrassed I opened my legs, knowing full well it would reveal my swollen labia, plus the fact I was sitting on the paper tissues she had fetched for me earlier.

Still leaning over me, the air hostess stared directly down into my vagina. Her eyes suggested she was very fascinated by what she saw.

"Why are you sitting on the tissues?" she enquired with genuine interest.

I gave her an embarrassed grin before responding, "Because I wet the seat."

"You wet the seat?....oh....I understand." She gave me a knowing smile when the realisation sunk in.

Another passenger was paging the air hostess and she looked up, annoyed that she was being dragged away. "You behave yourself now, little lady." She smiled at me before standing up and walking down the aisle.

"Yes, Ma'am," I mumbled as I quickly pulled the blanket back into position over my naked thighs.

Michael rested his head on my shoulder. "Was that exciting?"

"It was terrifying. But, I was...also....exciting in a way." It pained me to admit it.

"Stick your fingers in your cunt and masturbate yourself," Michael whispered into my ear. "But don't come until I tell you to."

Slowly I slid my hand under the blanket and easily inserted two fingers into my vulva. My Mother in Law was staring down at my lap and she clearly knew what I was up to. Slowly I began slide my fingers in and out, while I used my thumb to rhythmically encircle my clit. It did not take very long for me to approach the edge.

"I'm ready," I gasped to Michael, "please let me come."

"Not yet, my darling." With that he pressed the buzzer to page the air hostess. "When the air hostess comes, you can cum." He laughed at his pun.

It was several minutes before our charming air hostess appeared as she was busy with other passengers. By this time I was flushed red with excitement and struggling to contain my orgasm. When the air hostess leaned over me to see what my husband required I drove my fingers deep into my vulva and the waves of orgasm flooded through my body.

When the orgasm passed I opened my eyes to see the air hostess still leaning over me, absolutely spellbound, and more than a little shocked, by what she had just witnessed.

"I think my wife requires a glass of water," Michael smiled at the air hostess.

"Indeed, I think she may well." The air hostess retreated, still shaking her head in disbelief.

Fortunately the remainder of the flight went by without major incident. My Mother in Law gave me back my jeans and panties just prior to our descent to the airport. As we were disembarking from the aircraft the air hostess whispered into my ear, "That was the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed." All I could do was respond with a shy smile.

It has been three months since we returned from the trip to Ohio. In many respects it was a milestone time in my life as I finally accepted the fact that I derive pleasure from being submissive. And when that submission is coupled with humiliation and punishment the pleasure I derive is at its exquisite best. My subjugation at the hands of my Parents in Law was also easier to accept now I knew it was carried out with the support and encouragement of my husband.

Over the past three months it is not surprising I have been punished regularly. At least once a week Michael and I visit his parents. Michael always insists I dress up very formally, and wear my best lace lingerie, a petticoat and silk stockings. He loves the stark contrast when I have to strip naked out of my formal attire.

When we arrive at my Parents in Law we initially relax and chat over a glass of wine.

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