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You give her the teasing you both crave.

"Don't try to move, Becca. I'll be right back." And then Alex left the room. When Alex returned, Becca wasn't on the bed. He heard the click of a light switch just as Becca opened the bathroom door.

"I just brushed my teeth and changed--uh--changed--," She gave up trying to explain a delicate matter. "What do you need a hot water bottle for?" she asked, gesturing to the item clutched in his hand.

"It's for your cramps. Come on and lie down on your side."

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm gonna lie down with you and hold this bottle against your belly."

"I can do that by myself, Alex."

"Just do as I say, Becca!"

"But it's... it's not done, it's not right Alex, I'm...!"

"Like hell I it's not right! Now lie down!" Becca threw him an infuriated/exasperated look and sluggishly went back to bed and lay down on her left side. Alex took off his boots and climbed onto the bed. He switched the lamp off before settling in behind her.


"I'm all covered, Becca. Now relax." Alex curled himself against Becca until they were lying like spoons side by side. He slipped his left arm under Becca's head while the other went over her waist to hold the hot water bottle against her soft belly. His right thigh slipped between her knees and Becca tensed. "It's all right, baby. It's all right," he whispered in her ear.

"You feelin' better, kid?" Becca, lying still and tense, whispered, "Yeah. It's eased, somewhat."

"Maybe you'll feel a lot better if you try to relax. You're as stiff as a board."

She tried to face him, protesting, but Alex held her down with his arm. "Alex, please! You don't have to do this."

"For the last time, you won't hurt me! Now, just... just let me take care of you." Let me hold you, baby.

Becca burrowed closer, relishing the warmth of being held by Alex and striving not to feel anything more. Though it was easy enough to imagine that Alex was her boyfriend, holding her because he loved her. She closed her eyes and pretended that Alex was anyone but her brother, that this wasn't wrong. She couldn't let it slip out that she felt, or especially considered, anything more than sisterly love for him. Because then he'd pull away forever, even if he stayed until their mother was better, thinking she was some kind of perverted freak, and she'd lose her hero, her beloved older brother and cherished friend all in one.

While Becca was coming to terms with her own feelings, Alex was fighting his own battle too. Having Becca in his arms was driving him crazy. Nobody ever felt so right in his arms. She fit so perfectly and so sweetly. He gathered her body more closely to his, buried his nose in her hair and inhaled deeply. He never wanted to stop touching her. He wanted to protect her always. He had ceased to analyze why he felt such an intense protectiveness when it came to Becca. He just did. He cared for her. And that was more than he ever felt about anyone for that matter. "Thanks for being here Alex," she said softly.

Alex continued to stroke the bottle against her belly. "No problem at all kid. Now try to get some sleep. I'll stay with you."

"Alex, you don't have to--ouch! That hurt!" Alex pinched Becca in her fleshy bottom and soothed it immediately with his hand.

"Now sleep."

"You're such a bully, Alex," Becca muttered. "Good night."

"'Night, baby."

Alex woke to the feel of soft, warm flesh beneath his hands and the first thought that came to him was: There's a woman in my bed. Disoriented, he opened his eyes open but all he saw was a cloud of brown hair. He sniffed and the faint but now increasingly familiar smell of fruity shampoo filled his nose. Becca. I slept with Becca.

He blinked at the sunlight filtering through the window and slowly, the events of last night played in his head.

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