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Fun holiday.

She then attached a photo of her own ass in a gstring with her hand resting casually on her hip, holding her black rimmed reading glasses. She sulkily asked him if he thought her husband had been remiss in failing to fuck her ass thoroughly. She then told him that when she masturbated she usually fantasised about giving strangers blow jobs in public spaces. After a moment's hesitation she also admitted that she often thought about giving one of her husband's good friends oral sex whenever he was away. This wasn't really true, but she wanted to see if Alex would rise to the bait.

The next morning she packed the kids off to school and then checked her profile again. She was thrilled to see that she had an email from each of her three contenders. On a whim she quickly did a couple of jobs that required doing and then sat herself in her bed in a loose tshirt and nothing else to read her mail.

D'Arcy had sent her an incredibly erotic message outlining his last encounter. He told her he had met with a married woman from the site and taken her back to his house. She had confessed to a fantasy about getting pregnant to a stranger. She and her husband had been trying to have children but had found he was unable to have his own. So they had decided that she would be free to take certain 'liberties' within the marriage. Not only had she found that she loved the anonymity of sex with people she met online. But her husband actually got turned on by the knowledge that his wife was having meaningless fuck sessions with people she flirted with online. She had stayed at D'Arcy's place for the weekend and they had wound up having unprotected sex constantly. He had usually cum in her sopping wet pussy, although he had insisted she swallow his load a couple of times and she seemed only too happy to agree.

Reading the intimate details of the weekend Emily found herself playing with her pussy and slowly rubbing her hard nipples. Would Alex come up with a fantasy like that? It seemed unlikely but it still played on the theme of the naughty wife, so maybe?

Emily, told D'Arcy how much his story had turned her on and then made up her own reply. She claimed that she had been standing on a Sydney train a couple of weeks ago when she realised that the constant bumping against her of the passenger behind her had to be more than accidental. Turning to confront him she saw a very attractive man only a few years her senior so she had given him a smile and turned back to the front. The next time he had 'bumped' against her she had firmly held her position so that he could hold his crotch against her firm ass and leg for a moment. This had continued until her stop. Just before she alighted she had let her hand drop and deliberately caress the bulge of his cock for a while. When she got off she turned to look him in the eye and he immediately stepped down as well. She then turned and walked briskly to her house and saw that he followed her at a distance of several metres. Once home, she had gone into the house, undressed and quickly moved into her own room. A few moments later he had walked in to find her stretched naked on the bed, expecting him. He had quickly undressed and climbed on top of her. What had followed had not been delicate or romantic. Instead, he had simply fucked her. Quickly and roughly. He had soon groaned and pumped her full of his seed. He then climbed off, dressed quickly and left. She had no idea of his name or anything else about him. And her pussy still ached a little when she thought of the experience.

After typing the message Emily lay back and re-read his, slowly building herself up to a pounding orgasm. Lying exhausted in her bed, she added an explanation of what she had just done and sent it off.

She then opened Chelsea's email and saw a photo of him, also wearing an 'I Love London' tshirt.

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