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Couple explore paying each for sexual and other favors.

"Ah, my friend, my wife, my beautiful wife has gone with the children to a friend's house to celebrate their new baby. She will not be back for some hours."

We entered, and stood in the kitchen as Jalal made coffee.

"And now, my good friend, it is time. Come with me."

I was curious as I followed him into the small room on the opposite side of the hall. This room, I knew, was where the mother-in-law lived as she did not wish to walk up the stairs. Before I could say anything, Jalal opened the door and ushered me inside. There I saw the weirdest, most unexpected sight. His mother-in-law was kneeling at the foot of the bed.

She was fully dressed, her head was still covered but she had a strip of cloth as a gag tied round her face, covering her mouth. I started to protest, but Jalal stopped me. He went over to her, put his arms round her waist and lifted her into a standing, but bent over, posture. and held her with her wrists spread apart. Following his instructions I lifted the hem of her sari and lay it over her back, showing me she had nothing underneath. Despite my concern for the woman, the sight of her bare arse and legs aroused some primal instinct in me..

There was something very erotic about the sight of this woman, otherwise fully clothed showing me her naked arse. My cock started twitching, despite myself.

"Now, my friend, you promised me you would give her punishment. She is all ready for you."

Muffled sounds came from her mouth as she tried to twist away, but was firmly held by Jalal.

"I was, for a small time, a hospital attendant. I gave many an enema. She is prepared and cleaned inside, all ready for you."

An animal madness came over me. I forgot my concerns about the woman, all I could see was those ass cheeks, slightly drooping, but still well rounded, pointing straight at me. My cock was now straining in my trousers demanding release. With slightly shaking hands I unbuckled my belt, unzipped and dropped my trousers to the floor. I tugged down my briefs and shuffled quickly to the restricted woman. Bending down slightly, I gripped the plump thighs, and forced them apart.

Using my feet, I held her ankles apart. I came up behind her until my knees pressed into the back of her thighs. Her arse cheeks were partly hiding her hole, so I grasped the cheeks with my hands and forced them aside. Her slightly brown, slightly puckered arsehole was now fully exposed. I leaned backwards a bit and bent my knees so that the end of my cock was level with her hole. Pushing the centre of my body forward I felt the uncut tip of my cock nudge that inviting opening.

This was a completely different feeling to that of opening cunt lips. This was not soft, but felt little different to the surrounding flesh. I pushed, and pushed, but except for painfully forcing some of my foreskin back I made no progress. Mother-in-law either intentionally, or instinctively, was tensing her arsehole.

"This is no good," I spluttered as I relaxed the pressure a little, "she's tightening up!"

"Here, my friend, use that," offered Jalal, "on your finger to start with."

Taking the tube of lube, I smeared a generous glob on my forefinger. I pressed the glistening, slippery tip of my finger against her arsehole. She still resisted, but my rigid finger and its coating were more than a match. .I felt my hand jerk as my finger split her anal ring open and shot inside to the knuckle. She grunted and arched her back as this solid object forced its way inside her but was too firmly held hand and foot to move far away.

I twisted my finger round and round, and up and down, till all the lube was coating her anal entry. Her hole was still tight and tense, and I was worried that even with the lube I would have trouble. After all, it was she to be punished, not me!

"Do not worry, my friend," Jalal re-assured me when I mentioned this, "I have one trick left. Trust me."

Coating my cock with a good quantity of lubricant gel, I approached the woman's arse again.

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