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Couple gets wild.

Arabella studied this man. He didn't seem to fit the mould of Jason's usual cohorts. For one thing he was unerringly polite. He was also good looking, without being outstanding or flashy. He was also much closer her age than Jason's and had an air of quiet confidence, like he had nothing to prove to anyone and nothing to fear from them either. She looked at the flowers. Could Jason have possibly thought of something this elegant? She didn't think so. She took a deep breath: to hell with it.

"Mr Emerton?" He looked up. "What time would you like to pick me up?"


In her bedroom, staring at the clothes hanging limply in her closet, the cool bravado that had claimed her as she agreed to the date vanished. In its place indecision, doubt and outright terror took hold. It seemed painfully obvious to her now, away from the office and that lovely man, that it was all another twisted joke, something for the office beautiful people to laugh at during tomorrow's coffee breaks. Why did she say yes? Her wardrobe was woefully inadequate. It was years since she'd been out with a man; she was bound to make a fool of herself, even if it wasn't a set-up.

At that thought her heart jumped and lurched. The possibility that Mr Emerton -- no, [i]David[/i]; this was a date not a business appointment -- was sincere in his wish to take her out only heightened her confusion and indecision.

Finally, in desperation and the realisation that if she didn't decide soon, she'd still be in her underwear when he arrived; she chose a below-knee length chocolate skirt and pink cashmere sweater, topped off with knee length boots. The heels were quite high, but she remembered he'd been tall, so that wouldn't be an issue, as long as she didn't fall over in them.

Arabella was saved from an overcritical examination in the mirror. She had just completed her applying her makeup when her date arrived. She grabbed her coat and quickly walked out the door, before she had time to rethink and back out.

"You look lovely," David said, smiling down at her. Arabella felt the heat in her cheeks again; she wasn't used to receiving compliments, particularly from someone like him. She mumbled her thanks as he helped her put on her coat and led her to his car.

Sitting in the car as he drove, she was able to study Mr David Emerton. He wasn't handsome, not in the classical sense, but he certainly wasn't ugly and he had a serene air about him -- a man at peace with himself. He knew who he was and was content with that; he knew he wanted and how to get it; and he what was beyond his capabilities and lost no sleep over it. He obviously managed quite well; his car was expensive but not flashy.

The restaurant he took her too was a quiet small place, away from the standard eat-and-entertain strip. It was intimate without claustrophobia; the decor was elegant without being overbearing; the lighting low but not dim; the service attentive without being intrusive. The food Arabella could not describe -- she later barely remembered what she had eaten beyond it being "nice" -- her attention was totally taken by David.

He was gallant and charming; helping her with her coat and holding her chair for her at the intimate table for two tucked away in a corner. He quietly suggested items on the menu he thought she might like. It was obvious he'd been here before, was a regular, but usually without company. His choice of wine was perfect to go with the excellent food as they enjoyed each other's company.

And they talked.

She learned a lot about Mr Emerton. David was 46, older than she had thought; he had been married, but his wife died young and there were no children. He had had a series of short term relationships that had petered out and, for the past few years, had let a solitary life, rarely going out with women. He didn't work as such; his livelihood came from investments, which explained his being a client of her company. Jason may be a jerk, but he was the one of the best investment brokers around.

He had been attracted to her the first time he

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