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A young man attempts to resist Sex Magic.

The soft sounds of enjoying the pleasures of what was happening continued until Erin said, "Let's use our fingers on each other's clit."

I knew I inhaled a large amount of air upon hearing that.

I lay there frozen.

Jean and Erin must have started to use their fingers on each other because the moaning from both of them was very pronounced. Who else was wide-awake listening? Where they getting wet? I then heard from one, "I'm there, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

About a minute later I heard, "Me to, Mmmmmmmmmmmm!"

My God they had gotten each other off. What was I going to do? My clit was protruding from its hiding place. My lips were so swollen, just like if I had been masturbating.

I decided to slide lower into my bag, bury my face in my pillow, reach into my panties and rub that button that made me always feel good.

I slipped my hands into my panties, rubbed my clit and muffled my moan in the pillow.

I drifted off to sleep and next awareness was smell of coffee and hearing chattering. I opened my eyes and Erin and Jean were gone and others as well. They must have been in the kitchen.

I reached for my robe and put it on while sitting not wanting to show my stained panties to anyone.

I went to the bathroom, showered and went to the kitchen dressed, smelling fresh.

I avoided Jean and Erin as much as I could the rest of the day.

Things seemed normal which relieved me.

That evening then we made Bar-B-Que chicken along with hot dogs and hamburgers. Everyone had brought something so it was a spread of all kinds of deli foods from the super market.

We shot pool downstairs, danced and watched more movies Saturday evening.

By the way I found out later Jean was in Erin's English class and they were roommates at a dorm since their first day on campus.

When it was time to hit the bags again I selected the spot I had from the previous night and I noticed Erin did the same but did not see Jean.

Erin asked me if I was having a good time. She said she regretted not having been with me at other functions. We chatted about the party and the fun of being out away from dorm life and being with friends.

I was lying on my left side looking at Erin and she was on her right side looking at me as we were talking.

I noticed her raising her face to someone behind me and said, "Hi Jean, I thought maybe you had selected another place to park it tonight."

Jean said, "After looking for a space this seemed to be the better of the choices. I see you are getting to know Amy better."

The lights went out and Jean was struggling to get her bag in a position next to me on the other side. This caused my heart to pick up some extra beats.

Then Jean asked, "Are you having a good time Amy? Erin and I think this is a great sleep over."

"Yes Jean, its a nice break from the books."

Then Jean said, "Did you enjoy yourself after the lights went out last night?"

My heart almost stopped. Was she referring to me playing with myself or did they know I was watching and listening or both.

"What's wrong Amy, too embarrassed to say, yes."

My mind was spinning, what part of last night or all of it?

I then heard from Erin. "You do not have to answer her Amy but just so you know, we both know you made yourself feel good. We saw you bury your head and enjoyed listening to those wonderful soft moans you were making into your pillow. We all do it so relax, your with friends, isn't see Jean?"

"Yes, Erin she is. Amy, did listening to Erin and me get you hot?"

"Quit teasing her Jean," came from Erin.

We were speaking softly but I was wondering if anyone else was listening.

"Okay Erin, okay but I love to tease innocence."

"We all know that, Jean but you do not know when to button your lips sometimes."

"Okay Erin for that I am going to get in my bag and ignore you two, good night."

I was lying on my back looking at the ceiling and my brain was spinning.

I felt Erin sliding closer next to me.

"Ignore her big mouth and relax.

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