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A disturbing, but arousing, experience with an ex-GF.

We do not have any kind of long-term relationship going on. We are just friends!"

"With benefits..." added Katie with a twinkle in her eye.

"You girls have your minds in the gutter. All you can think about is sex. For heaven's sake! Katie you are so obvious with Tyler it is almost embarrassing."

"The apple didn't fall far from the tree mom," said Janie quickly.

"Yeah, like mother like daughters," Katie added, emphasizing the "s" and looking at Janie who made a face.

"Well there is nothing long term between me and Emily and I will probably only be staying at her house for a couple weeks. Then who knows."?

Just then Tyler came up to the table.

"You ladies need anything... ah, I mean, right here and now?" He said with a twinkle in his eye. "By the way Dr. Saunders, Rob told me about you and your husband. I'm sorry, but maybe it's for the best. If there is anything I can do."

Abi blushed. "Thank you Tyler, that is very sweet."

The girls noticed Abi's embarrassment and looked at each other. Abi asked for the check and Tyler turned and walked to the waiter's station.

All three women watched him walk away, "There you go mom," said Katie, "That is what you need after you get settled."

"What?" Abi asked confused.

"Tyler!" said Katie.

"What?!!?" Abi was bemused and a little embarrassed.

"Look mom, you have known him, like forever and he has always had the hots for you. He could help you adjust to single life." Katie was relentless.

"The last thing I want now is a relationship with a man, especially one young enough to be my son."

"But," said Janie, "He is so cute. And he is a wonderful and attentive lover from what I hear."

"Plus, he is very big!" Katie said softly.

"How do you know? Is that reputation or personal experience?"

"Personal experience!" Janie said with a laugh. "Katie has had some serious personal experiences with Tyler, right Katherine Marie?"

Katie blushed, "He is sweet and kind and attentive and goes out of his way to make you feel, well special and pampered, and he is ... well.... Very filling."

"Filling..." Said Janie laughing, "That is what you need to reacquaint yourself with men, mom. One who pays attention to what you want and need for a change."

"Ok, enough of this silly talk. I'm not going to fuck Tyler."

Tyler had returned with the check and Abi just then noticed him standing by the table. She blushed and he smiled. Picking up the empty plates he walked away without saying anything. "You girls made me embarrass myself." The girls had started to giggle at their mother's discomfort. "Just think about it. We can arrange it." Abi shook her head and signed the check leaving a large tip.

As the girls headed for the door Katie stopped and gave Tyler a little kiss on the cheek and whispered in his ear. Abi stood, took a last drink of water and put on her jacket, Tyler stepped up and took her by the hand and kissed it. "I was serious. Anything I can do to help, just let me know." Abi looked into his eyes and felt herself melt a little.

"I.... I... might need help with moving some things. Ah... you know.... when I get things figured out." Abi stammered.

"No problem Dr. Saunders, have Rob call me. Or better yet I'll get your info from Rob and stay in touch if that is ok."

"Yes, that will be fine," Abi was a little breathless by this brief encounter. And her daughters standing at the door noticed and gave each other knowing looks.

Outside they hugged and Abi told the girls she was going to take a nap and then head over to the University for her meeting with the Dean.


Abi watched the girls drive off in Janie's car and she sat alone in her parked car for a minute to catch her breath. She was a little sexually excited by her encounter with Tyler. She moved her hand over her body and rubbed herself slightly. Then she took off and returned to Emily's with the suitcases she had packed earlier. With effort, and a couple trips she got them into the back room.

She had packed fast but now carefully u

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