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Bethany's budding sex life becomes dangerous.

So, I was at work and Ann slipped into my cubicle, handed me the key, smiled and said, "Don't go snooping around in there."

Basically, that smile guaranteed that I would snoop around.

I found some of that sexy hot-cold love lube and a little blue vibrator in the back of Ann's nightstand drawer. I told you Jen was straight-laced on sex stuff. Never in a million years could I imagine Jen buying that stuff, but Ann was different, and the proof was right there in her nightstand.

I also-couldn't help it-took a hard look at her panty drawer. Got wood pretty quick. Rubbed a couple of her panties on my cheek for feel. Stuck one down my pants. For feel. Thought hard about jerking off. That fucking drawer was chock full to the brim with tiny, sexy panties, hitting every color on the erotic rainbow. Left the apartment and almost forgot Jen's freakin' phone.

So, there's my evidence. I think it adds up.

Anyways, Ann was getting a divorce, didn't want to leave the city, and wanted to come stay with us. I suspect she had several reasons for coming to our place. For one, Ann worked a shit customer service job; she didn't have the money on her own to get a place like she would want. Two, she didn't want to be alone, thought it might encourage her liar husband to come a-knocking after drinking all the vodka that "someone else had drank." Third, I was a Marine, got out about three years ago. I could handle her husband, and he would know better than to fuck with me, Jen, and our house. Fourth, they're sisters. Jen and Ann, they're practically Irish twins, the two-thirteen months apart. They're tight. Ann was getting a divorce; she needed her sister.

Jen asked me if it would be okay. We had the space. I said sure, and 95 percent of me said it for the right reasons. Five percent said sure because having a tight, tiny potential sex freak hot blonde with a drawer full of sexy undies in the empty bedroom seemed like it would be okay.

Now, I can only guess about this, but for whatever reason, not long after Ann moved into our guest bedroom, the house-the air, the atmosphere of the house-shifted in a big way. It was as if the mood of the house got a big jolt of sexual energy. It wasn't just because of having a super hot babe in the house, though that was pretty cool: I'd see Ann wrapped in a towel walking back to her room from the shower. I'd see Ann in just a tank top and super short shorts in the kitchen making herself a cup of tea. Yes, the visual improvements were nice. It was more than that, though.

Jen started getting really horny. I can't explain it. I think she-consciously or otherwise-felt that she was in competition for me, like that she had to keep hold of her man. Look, I didn't ask her; I took what I could get. And, I'll freely admit that having a sexually available woman-in addition to your wife-living under your roof, well, it gets the blood flowing. Even if you know you're not going to do her, it's just exciting.

So, the air in the house is charged with sex, and my wife is hungry for me like before we got engaged. No, even better than that.

Case in point: on a regular old weekday morning, I just got out of the shower, and I was standing in front of the mirror, towel wrapped around my waist, shaving. Jen sometimes likes watching me shave. She was sitting on the bed watching this time. Across the hall, we could hear the sound of Ann taking her own shower in the guest bathroom. I was about halfway through shaving when Jen stood up and walked over to me.

Without a word, she got down on her knees beside me and pulled off her nightshirt, letting those cannons hang free. She put her hands on me and turned my hips toward her. "Keep shaving," she softly commanded. I didn't say anything as she pulled off my towel and grabbed my dick.

I was just beginning to get hard, and Jen, she just ate my whole dick. She wiggled her lips around it and sank down over the entire shaft to the base. My whole dick was in her mouth, curled up and growing.

In case I have not made this clear, yet.

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