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Lots of fun during the car ride home!

I could hear the sound of my urine striking the liquid in the bottom of the bottle and she commented that I "must have really needed to go." It seemed like a full minute had passed before I could tell by the sound that the bottle was beginning to fill rapidly and could feel her adjusting the angle of the bottle to hold more urine.

I looked up at her face as she intently watched what was going on as the bottle filled with my warm golden urine. She was very professional as she pull my penis out so that only the glans was inside the bottle. She didn't want my penis to become submerged in my urine. For that I was grateful.

I finally able to shut off the flow to a trickle and gave it a couple of more squirts. I couldn't help the fact that my penis had now began to stiffen slightly from the feel of her warm fingers. When I told her I was done, she expertly shook my penis to remove the last drop or two. This caused me to stiffen even more as she pulled the bottle out and set it on the portable table next to my bed. Shen then reached for a Kleenex and carefully dried off the now swollen glans of my penis then covered me with my gown and blanket. I glanced over and saw that the bottle was almost filled to the top. She noted the amount then took it into the bathroom and dumped it in the toilette.

She then explained that she would return later to "prep" me for tomorrow's procedure. She asked me if I had any questions and I told her the nurse had already explained every thing. "Good" she said, then told me to push the call button when I was ready for her to "prep" me.

After she left I realized that it was just going to be me and her alone as she shaved me "down there." I now realized she was a true professional and had probably helped hundreds of men urinate and probably some of them had developed uncontrollable erections. Nevertheless, I felt another slight twinge in my penis as my excitement level began to rise. I also felt a bit of embarrassment because I was not sure if I could control myself from developing a full erection when she prepped me. Nevertheless, as I reached down and felt my semi-stiff penis and scratched my soft scrotum and egg sized balls, I decided to get it over with, and pushed the call button. I looked up at the clock and saw it was 11:45 pm.

Within a minute the door cracked open and Ruby walked in carrying her shaving gear in a large bowl. I watched her as she began to organize her tools and lay them out on the portable table next to my bed. She then took some white tape and began to make loops with the sticky side out. After she made about a half dozen loops she unfolded a large white towel. She pulled the blanket down to my feet and told me to lift my hips so she could spread the towel beneath me. As I raised my hips my gown fell to my waist exposing my semi-erect penis and my low hanging scrotum. I glanced up at her face as she leaned over me to stretch out the towel beneath me. Her hand bumped my scrotum as her heavy low hanging breasts rested heavily on my stomach.

Once everything was situated she placed a folded dry wash cloth on top of my penis and scrotum, to give me some privacy, as she lifted my gown all the way up past my belly. I looked down and could see that my stiffening penis had "tented" the wash cloth.

Seemingly unaffected by how I was reacting to her "hospital activities," she resolutely took some electric clippers and began to dry shave me.

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