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You get your perfect prom and a night to remember.

I am almost positive I saw him leave after the game since he was so pissed. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I change in there. It should only take 10 minutes or so.

To my surprise I discover that the coach has such a nice office. Of course I've never been in here since I'm not on the football team. He has such a great set up, great big desk, super comfy couch. I walk over to peek out the window and notice that the coach's truck is still parked downstairs. My heart racing just a little bit as I begin to really consider the fact that he could be coming back up here at any moment. What is 10 minutes though? I start to take my top and then my sports bra off. It feels pretty nice to get that off. I have a pretty small frame for someone having such large breasts, 36D. I wouldn't call myself a skinny girl but more petite and curvy. I have long brown hair down to the middle of my back and only wear it up when we are cheering. It feels great to let my hair down as well.

As I'm caressing my breasts lightly, I start to think about how the coach is so fucking hot. It has been tough from time to time to really concentrate on cheering while I'm fantasizing about him nailing me in my uniform. Sometimes I spend half of the game in a wet pair of panties imaging him bending me over the bleachers. I don't know why he turns me on actually. He's significantly older than me; I think he has to be around 40. I find him to be rather attractive, dark blue eyes and a medium build and brown hair. He is in decent shape but I tend to like that he's not of a complete muscular build.

Oh no! The coach has come into his office and catches me topless. Maybe that's a good thing since I was really considering going to town on myself on his couch. I mean I can't help myself when I start to think about him on top of me. I try to grab my top and hold it in front of me, apologizing for being in his office. How embarrassing. I think he's going to be very unhappy with someone just inviting themselves in. I realize just then how turned on I am that I have been caught.

"What are you doing in here?" he asks me.

I try to explain that I'm so very sorry for being there and that I am also so very sorry for letting him and the team down today. I tell him I would do anything to make it up to him.

The coach sits on his couch and stares at me roughly for just a moment and then says to me, "Well, there is maybe something you can do to make it up to me."

Oh thank god. I am really worried he would stay upset with me.

He then says to me, "Why don't you go ahead and set your top down? And come over here and show me how badly you want to make it up to me."

I am just about to jump out of my skin at this point. I am already wet from fantasizing about him earlier and here I am being invited to please the coach. I couldn't be more thrilled. My mind races quickly, and ultimately I decide to walk over to him and straddle his lap. As I sit in his lap facing him topless, his hands find themselves on my ass and pulling me closer to him. He then begins to kiss me very passionately as I place my arms loosely around his neck. I can't remember the last time making out. It really gets me going. So this is just another pleasant surprise.

His hands are now all over my large breasts and he's moving his mouth down my body, first kissing my neck then sucking on my tits.

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