Renee enjoys her own company while traveling.

Stripping down to her underwear, Renee examined the shower controls. It was always a pain in the ass finding the right temperature in these cookie-cutter motel bathrooms. She adjusted the knobs again, and satisfied that she was going to neither burn nor freeze under the spray, slipped the straps of her black bra from her shoulders, and unhooked the clasp between her breasts. Catching a glimpse of her reflection, she turned and examined her body. Evidently, the time she put in at the gym when she wasn't on the road was paying off - her body was well toned with very little sag in her chest. Her rose-colored nipples topped creamy breasts, with a smattering of freckles between them and on her upper chest. "Ginger's Curse," she thought, smirking. "but not bad for a thirty-two year old single travelling saleswoman."

The shower's steam had fogged over the mirror, and she shrugged, no longer able to see herself in it. She hooked her thumbs along her hips, her black lacy panties whispering to the floor. Renee had always had a penchant for pretty underwear - it made her feel very sexy, even naughty, wearing something that only she knew about. Almost like a dirty little secret that she just might tell to the right person...

She stepped into the shower and started warming herself under the spray. She slipped her hands over her shoulders, down her arms, and across her breasts. Her nipples had perked up, and as her fingers brushed them, she felt a gentle tingle. It had been a while since she had last had sex, and she hadn't "taken care of business" on her own in several days. Still, when the tingle turned to a tug in her nipples as she continued to stroke them absentmindedly, she found herself a little surprised at the magnetic pull of her own sex.

She cupped her breasts in her hands, eyes closed as the water pounded down on the back of her neck, soaking her hair. Her thumbs closed down on her nipples, trapping them against her forefingers, and she shuddered gently. Had it really been THAT long? she wondered. She thought back to the last encounter she'd had - a blissful one-nighter with Brad? Brent? Didn't matter, Renee thought. He had a decent cock, and an outstanding tongue, and he had used both on her to the point of mutual exhaustion. She couldn't remember his name, and honestly, his face was a little blurry, but she smiled to herself at how well she recalled what the top of his head had looked like as he'd been nestled between her thighs, lavishing his oral affections on her wet quim.

Hands travelling down her body, tracing down her belly, she reached the top of her mons. She kept a tiny patch of red pubic hair above her slit, and finding it with her fingertips, she bit her lower lip gently as she opened her thighs and parted her lips with her index finger. Her clit was already stiff, and she stimulated the base of it with the tip. The little nubbin sent waves of pleasure down through her hips and back up her body as she pressed against it. She gasped quietly, her free hand slipping back up her belly and clutching her breast.

Stroking her clit harder now, feeling the crescendo of pleasure building in her womb, she thought again of what's-his-name and the way he had whispered in her ear as he lay on top of her, rocking back and forth over her body, the base of his cock the fulcrum of their sexual lever. His hot breath across her neck, telling her how beautiful she was, how hard she made him (and he wasn't lying - it was like fucking a railroad spike), how he wanted to feel her clench his cock when she came... all of it came to her as she dipped her fingers lower, her inner lips now exposed as she rubbed up and down her slit, the steam from the shower just adding to the heat she was already self-generating.

Renee slipped a finger inside herself, using her thumb on her clit as she did, and felt the first wave of her impending orgasm ready to break.

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