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Sal has been cursed & turned into a woman... but by whom?

I broke the mood for a bit and told him I needed to use the bathroom. I rushed inside to compose myself.

I looked at myself in the mirror -- my gorgeous, irresistible self. "You can do this" I kept telling myself. "It's just one night, get it over with... It might even be fun." I psyched myself enough to get back out there...

But when I came out I got the shock of my life.

Martin was lying on the bed naked, stroking his growing cock with one hand.

"Well... What do you think?" He said with the cockiest look on his face.

I was speechless. This was the absolute last thing anyone would have expected in my situation... but I couldn't stop staring at his cock... It was huge. I thought they only got that big in the pornos.

I knew all night long that I'd have to fuck him at some point... so I just decided to bite the bullet. I walked over towards the bed without saying a word.

He spread his legs and curled a finger towards me, saying "Come get it..."

I hesitantly got on the bed and crawled towards him. I awkwardly rested my hands on his thighs as I brought my face closer to his cock.

"Go ahead, kiss it".

I looked at him, then back at his pulsing cock. I leant in and give it a little kiss. It didn't taste of anything... I was surprised that it didn't feel repulsive or anything.

I slowly stuck my tongue out and licked it ever so slightly... again it just tasted like skin.

I grew more confident, slowly. I stuck my tongue out fully and licked his cockhead, leaving a trail of saliva along all of it.

I watched him groan and throw his head back... 'Am I making him feel that good?' I wondered to myself.

I grabbed his throbbing shaft with my hand and tilted it backwards as I licked my way down his long rod. I started to gain a vicarious thrill by seeing how much I could turn him on. I moved my tongue with greater purpose, adding a few flicks and long licks as I made my way to his balls. I sucked and pulled on them, playing with them like two toys, almost laughing at how... normal it all felt.

He suddenly grabbed me by the hair and yanked it up, pulling my face towards his as he kissed me -- all tongue again. This time though, I was ready for it. I was already in tongue mode myself, I guess... so I matched his fervour. I danced my tongue in his mouth, letting him taste himself off me. I guess I was starting to feel good because I started moaning into his mouth.

Then I felt his hand suddenly grab my top and yank the neckline down, making my tits pop out and push up. I let out a little squeal as he pulled them out of my bra and start molesting them like they were about to disappear tomorrow. He slapped them like balls of yarn, then pulled on my nipples -- making me feel sensations I'd never felt before. I decided to return the favour by stroking his cock while we made out.

Then, in a flash, he flipped me onto my back. He grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head, holding them together with one hand. He gave me an intense look and I felt my heart start to pound against my chest -- making me feel... excited. It was thrilling to be taken control of like this. To be... used.

He moved his free hands to my thighs and in between my legs, where he started rubbing my new pussy through my panties. I couldn't help but squirm helplessly in his grip. He moved his mouth down and start suckling on my stiff nipples, making me moan without meaning to. He smiled and looked at me, "You like that, do you?"

I bit my lower lip and nodded, trying to make sure I don't moan too much and embarrass myself.

He grabbed my lacy panties and pulled them to one side, then started grinding his cock against my moist labia. "You want this, don't you?"

I froze. I looked up into his eyes and couldn't say anything. I was hella nervous and slightly afraid... what was it going to be like to have a dick inside me? Especially such a big one? Would it hurt? Would I bleed? At the same time, I was curious...

"Tell me you want it or you won't get it," he said in a commanding tone.

I burst out in a breathy tone, "I want it.

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