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2 black janitors find Sarah and continue the fun.

Michael walked towards the door to the locker room, grabbing his keys from the cart as he passed.

"Looks like we need to kill some time. Stand up. Let's continue this party in the shower."

Elroy got up from his position on the floor. He stood for a moment and just watched as the fine, white slut turned and walked towards the showers. Her perfect, round ass was only marred by the red prints clearly visible on each cheek. Elroy smiled to himself, immensely pleased that he had left his own mark on this beauty. Elroy quickly followed Sarah into the large shower room. He directed her to stand under a set of four shower heads. He watched her as the water glided down her hair, flow over her shoulders to drip off of the hard, red tips of her breasts.

Elroy shook himself out of his fixation with her and threw a bar of soap at her.

"After you wash up, we can continue."

Sarah turned the bar of soap in her hands, creating a feminine scented lather. Sarah ran her hands down her arms and over her belly. Slowly, she mover her hands up past her ribs until the tips of her fingers were grazing the undersides of her breasts. Her fingers inched up until she was cupping her globes. Neither Elroy nor Sarah breathed for a few seconds. Then Sarah moaned and started feverishly rubbing her nipples. Every time she would pinch the sensitive buds, her body would shudder.

"Don't forget to wash your pussy."

To his delight, Sarah immediately moved her hands down towards her pussy. Her hands explored that sensitive area with a heightened curiosity.

As Sarah's fingers found her secret button, Elroy reached for his own pleasure source. He had never been able to convince any of his girlfriends to masturbate in front of him. The only time he had ever been able to see it was on the movies he watched on his favorite internet site.

Sarah's fingers combed through the ebony curls, washing away all of the dried cum. One of her fingers slipped between the curls and dipped into her wet hole.

"Oh, my. Mmmmm. Yes."

One of Sarah's hands massaged the lips of her pussy as one of the fingers of her other hand started sawing in and out of the wet opening. Her fingers worked frantically at her pussy trying to reach her pinnacle of pleasure.

Elroy long stroked his pole and tried to memorize everything about this moment. Maybe they could convince this slut to make a video for them. She obviously was a desperately horny girl. Maybe all white girls would let you watch them. Mmmm. He could get off for years with a video of her jacking herself off. It would be even better to have a video of her with another horny white slut.

Elroy saw that she was getting close to cumming and wanted to ensure that she was horny enough to continue.

"Hey, slut. Get over here."

Sarah snapped out of her bliss and started to hurry over to the lean black man.

"Did I tell you to walk over to me? No, I didn't. When you approach a black man, it had better be on your knees. You should be crawling over to me, seeing as how you will be begging me for my cock. If you do it properly now, there will be no further punishment for this incident. I'll even let you suck on my cock until Michael comes back."

At the promise of more cock, Sarah dropped to her hands and knees and crawled towards the ebony pole pointing straight at her.

Michael reentered the locker room with several items under his arm. His dick instantly rose back to full staff as he came in to find the teenage slut on her knees in the shower room slobbering on Elroy's black pole. Elroy had one of his large hands on the back of her head guiding her mouth up and down. His head was flung back and his eyes were closed. Michael lifted up the camera he had slung over his shoulder earlier. After making sure the flash was on, he aimed it at the distracted couple. He quickly clicked off a few shots. As the last flash died away, Elroy grunted deeply and shoved his hips more firmly into her face. As the cum boiled its way to the tip of Elroy's tool, he pulled his dick out so the first blast landed on her cheek.


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