An awkward young virgin finally fulfills his fantasies.

I can see those big nipples poking through her bra and I could barely contain myself from jumping onto her and eating them.

I calm down and decide that I should be treating each and every part of her beautiful body fairly and take it slow. Before I proceed she stops me and suggests I get to the same level of clothing. I peel up my T-shirt and throw it away in one swift action. I start kissing her intensely until we are both out of breath. I hold both her hands on top of her head and slowly move down kissing her chin and neck with the same intensity and make sure I cover every inch of her neck and upper chest. I want to show my appreciation for her beautiful freckles as I trace them with my tender kissing and nibbling care. Her moans and expressions are driving me crazy and I'm sure I'll cum in my pants even if I get the slightest stimulation. I've been hard all day ever since I first saw her and my pants are now a mess with all the pre-cum.

I turn my attention to her inviting cleavage and other exposed regions of her breasts. I kiss, lick, suck, nibble and bite on them tenderly, making sure I'm not hurting her or giving her hickeys. I continue doing this for a long time. I then turn my attention to her beautiful belly continuing the five way action (kiss, lick, suck, nibble and bite) while I use my hands to gently fondle her sides and belly. I cover every inch of her exposed skin with my five way action. Losing my patience, I now go up to kiss her gently and ask her to take out her bra. She tells me to do the honors and I have a really tough time removing it.

I finally accomplish the assigned task and am now staring at the most amazing pinkish-red nipples I have ever seen both in reality and in my imagination. I'm awestruck by the beautiful bumps around her nipples and her amazingly full humongous breasts. She has huge areolae and I just want to swallow them whole. I've seen them many times in pictures and in my dreams but they clearly exceed my expectations. I've been waiting for this day for a long time and cannot wait any longer to fulfill my fantasies. I take her right breast in both my hands and heartily fondle it while continuing my five way action all over her breast. I nibble on her soft mound covering every inch of her glowing flesh while squeezing it strongly in both the hands. I just suck and suck all along the outline of her breast with increasing intensity. I selfishly lose myself again as I tremendously enjoy every second of this sucking and wonder why she hasn't stopped me this time.

I repeat the same treatment on her other breast making sure that I don't get too close to her nipples on both the occasions. Only when I notice her getting frustrated, I turn my attention to her nipples.

I heard her moaning all the while but that is nothing compared to the moans I hear when I first plant my lips on her excited right nipple. I kiss it for some time and then start licking it softly. I suck it gently into my mouth and nibble some more of her breast to make sure I'm not bruising her nipple. I keep swirling my tongue around her nipple as I suck her breast with more intensity. I still use both my hands to fondle her beautiful breasts all the time. It is here I notice that her hands have moved to the top of my head to guide me with the required pressure of sucking. She pulls me really hard into her breast once is a while, where I increase my intensity of sucking and licking her nipple. I now turn my attention to her left nipple and repeat the same.

I slide up to kiss her again and we kiss for some time. I ask her if it's okay if I spend some more time on her breasts. She giggles and nods gently kissing me. I slide down and we now lie on our sides facing each other with my head at her chest level. She's lying on the inside of the couch and carefully guides my head to her right breast with her open right hand.

I want to have a proper latch to make her comfortable and I carefully close my lips around her huge areola.

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