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Couple sexually abused on holiday.

"Your praise honors me My Lord."

I slid on a silk robe and walked over to Melindra, her eyes widening slightly at the look on my face. I was wet and ready just thinking of how I was going to have her later.

"I'm going to make you Dark Seducer Grakedrig but you must prove yourself to me first. You must serve your Princess as she wishes. You have proven yourself fierce time and time again next to me in battle, now you will prove to me you're desire to please me."

I sat on the edge of my bed and spread my legs showing Melindra my bare sex, my hands pulling apart my robe so that my breasts were jutting out. Her eyes were fixed on me and her breathing picked up when I slid my hand down to my cunt and began sliding my fingers over the wet lips.

"Come, kneel before your Mistress and show me how much you desire my pleasure."

She came to me without hesitation and dropped to her knees, her soft plump lips pressing against my core and without delay her soft pink tongue darted out between her lilac lips and began lapping at my clit. I threw my head back and moaned, her hands coming up to stroke my thighs as I held her head against me. The cold metal of her helmet brushing against my stomach as she purred against my pussy.

I heard Alessia come into the room then, stripping off her armor and walking to the bed. She gripped Melindra's shoulder and pulled her away from me.

"Undress for your Princess and wash before touching her."

I smirked at the display of dominance. Alessia should know by now she was my favorite after all she was the only one allowed to sleep at the foot of my bed at night.

"Alessia..." My tone was playful yet warning. I had, had a long day and I needed my release.

"Yes Mistress."

Soon she was working my pussy with her tongue, the slurping and sucking noises driving on my orgasm. I watched at Melindra undressed, her eyes never leaving my pussy or Alessia's tongue diving into me. I felt myself gushing cum as I finally released. Slightly sated I leaned back on the bed and lazily rubbed my stomach.

"Come here Alessia."

I sat up and held a hand out for her, my tongue sliding into her mouth and tasting myself. I moaned and roughly grabbed her breasts, pinching her nipples until they were hard and she was whimpering in pain.

I pushed Alessia back and spread her legs wide my mouth going to her pussy and licking her slit in long rough strokes. My eyes fluttered shut at the taste of honey and wine.

My ass was up in the air and I almost startled as I felt a pair of warm hands grip my hips and slowly slide over my ass cheeks. Then a hot breath blew over my back and Melindra was licking my ass, her tongue prodding at my sensitive flesh.

Alessia was moaning and purring now in earnest and I knew she was close, I rammed two fingers into her and delighted in her squeals of pleasure.

I trailed my fingers up to her mouth and watched with hooded eyes as she sucked them clean.

I stretched back and stood from the bed, making my way to the chest in the corner where Alessia had begun putting our toys.

I took out the belt and strapped it around my waist before climbing back on top of Alessia. She was my favorite after all. I slammed the false cock inside her and began to pump my hips. Every stroke caused the belt to rub against my pussy and clit and I was close to cumming along with her. I bent down and bit her nipple, almost drawing blood, and smiled when she began to babble incoherently. I slid out of her and Melindra seemed to understand now what was going on and how she was going to participate. Her hands deftly removed the belt from around my waist and put it on herself. She flipped me on my hands and knees again and slowly slid into me from behind. I gasped and moaned, rocking my hips back towards her as Alessia slid off the bed.

"I have a surprise for you my Lord, my Princess."

My eyes fluttered open and I licked my lips as Alessia opened the hallway door. A male Mazken stepped into the room and I moaned at the implications.

He looked hard and

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