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Siblings cross that line while parents are away.

Her nipples poked hard and firm against me. I snuggled between her wide-open legs as she moaned wildly, begging me to pop her cherry. I ran my fingers through her spiky hair and kissed her mouth, thrusting my tongue deep into her. She reached underneath me and took hold of my cock. I heard her whimper as she felt me up from top to bottom, my long hard pole making her hornier than ever to get fucked. She whispered hungrily into my ear, "I want you to shove this thing into my slit. Hard. Deep."
She was really getting off being a whore like her Aunts-sounding like the most accomplished porn star around! She was making me hot and hard.

I knelt between her legs, moving back just far enough that I could take my cock in my hands and guide it to her slit. Madhavi writhed and moaned, taking hold of her knees and wedging her legs further open so her gorgeous tan thighs were displayed for me. I touched her pink cunt with the head of my cock, smearing the thick arrow-shaped head in the pool of liquid she was gushing out. Then I brought my cock slowly up her slit, to her clitoris. She let out a gasp and arched her back as I pressed my hard flesh against her erect clit. She whimpered, "That's so fucking good ... put it in ... fuck me ... I'm so wet!"

She just kept moaning as I played with her clit, manipulating it with the tip of my penis. I pressed harder, working my cock between her upper cunt lips and then sliding it down gradually. I let my cock sink into her pussy, parting her virgin pussy lips with my finger. I found the tight notch of her cunt, fitting my cockhead into it. Madhavi suddenly let out a scream of pleasure, putting her hands on my shoulders.

"Oh yes," she begged. "Do me. That's good ... right there ... you know where to do me ..."

Madhavi kept begging me to fuck her, but she just lay there letting me do it. She didn't want to take over-she wanted to be submissive.

I breathed deeply. Madhavi's decoration incense wafted around the bed. It did feel like a ceremony as I was about to penetrate her!

I teased her by going slow, working my hips around in big circles. Then, as Madhavi's pleas got louder and louder, I leaned forward and began to enter her. I felt her tight cunt accepting the head of my cock willingly, stretching quickly to accommodate my bulk. Madhavi pushed her hips forward, shudders wracking her nude body as she felt me going into her. She rubbed her tits against me, going mad with pleasure as she felt cock in her pussy for the first time. I began to press in deeper, then I felt the incredible resistance of her hymen. I pressed against her cherry firmly, making her whine. "Does that hurt, baby?" I asked in a husky whisper.

"Oh ... a-a-little ... but don't stop!"

I pressed harder into Madhavi's snatch, and her cherry gripped me tightly. I grunted as I forced my cock forward, tearing her as gently as I could. I felt her stiffen, then give, her cherry popping as Madhavi let out a sudden moan of release. She cried as I slid my cock into her, past her newly-broken hymen. "Fuck yes," she grunted. "It's so good ... I'm getting fucked ..." She began to moan again as I dragged back on my hips, pulling my cock slightly out of her. Then I shoved it hard in, feeling her pussy soften around me. It was still incredibly tight-but now it stretched. "It doesn't hurt," she gasped. "Fuck me so hard ... I want you to fuck me hard!"

That I did, pounding my hips up and down between Madhavi's spread thighs. She was going crazy, writhing and squirming underneath me as I plunged my cock into her sopping hole. I pounded away, grunting and fucking her wildly. Madhavi's tits bounced up and down with every thrust I gave her pussy.

She let out a gasp and then a long, low moan of ecstasy as she realized she was about to cum. Imagine-a virgin cumming on her first fuck! I kept pounding away at her, ramming my rod into her cunt, pumping my hips up and down between her spread thighs. Then Madhavi threw back her head and screamed, "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

Madhavi's body twitched and tw

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